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Aviation Learning Center Document All About Fuel - P-8740-35
Author: Federal Aviation Administration Date: 2002
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Fuel Additives
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The FAA and several engine manufacturers have approved the use of certain carburetor anti-icing fuel additives in aviation gasoline. However, such additives should not be used without consulting the airframe manufacturer because their chemical content may not be compatible with the aircraft fuel system cells, seals, etc.

The same is true with lead scavenging additives such as Tricresyl Phosphate (TCP). TCP, for example, has been used successfully to reduce lead fouling of spark plugs in normally aspirated reciprocating engines for several years. However, TCP should not be used in turbocharged or supercharged engines without approval of the airframe manufacturer. TCP must be mixed according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer (Alcor Inc.) for maximum effectiveness.

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