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Aviation Learning Center Document All About Fuel - P-8740-35
Author: Federal Aviation Administration Date: 2002
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Automotive Gasoline
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Leaded automotive gasoline is not recommended as a substitute for aviation gasoline because of the differences in properties and composition of the two types of fuel. Regular leaded automotive gasoline may cause preignition and detonation, vapor lock, and sticking or burned valves when used in aircraft engines. Lead-free automotive gasoline, however, has been extensively tested by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) and other organizations in aircraft equipped with low compression engines that use low octane fuel . The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued supplemental type certificates (STC) to these organizations, thus permitting the use of unleaded automotive gasoline of 87 minimum antiknock index per ASTM specification D-439. Each make/model aircraft must be modified and operated in accordance with the instructions, limitations, and procedures contained in the STC when unleaded automotive gasoline is used.

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