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Aviation Learning Center Document All About Fuel - P-8740-35
Author: Federal Aviation Administration Date: 2002
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Preflight Action
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As pilot in command, you have the responsibility to determine that your aircraft is properly serviced. Check your aircraft before each flight and be sure you have the correct type of fuel. This practice may save your life! Take the time to inspect your aircraft thoroughly. Good preflight procedures:

  • Be sure all of the fuel and oil tank caps and covers are installed and secured properly after you visually check the fluid level.
  • Observe the color and odor of the fuel as you check the tank.
  • Draw a generous sample of fuel from each sump and screen drain into a transparent container. Check for the presence of water, dirt, rust or other contaminants. Unless you have the proper kind of fuel tester (e.g., GATS jar with intact fuel strainer), do not attempt to save the fuel drained from the sumps by pouring it back into the tank. Note: If you are not equipped to safely pour the drained fuel back into the tank, please be sure to dispose of it in accordance with EPA regulation.
  • Check that each fuel tank vent is clear of restrictions; i.e., dirt, ice, snow, bent or pinched tubes, etc.

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