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SubjectNotice TypeDateNotice Number
Initial VIP Notification - Indianapolis, IN Selected ATC Notices 7/20/2024 NOTC3741
VIP Movement Notification - Milwaukee, WI Selected ATC Notices 7/20/2024 NOTC3740
VIP Movement Notification - West Palm Beach FL Selected ATC Notices 7/18/2024 NOTC3739
FLIGHT ADVISORY - Democratic National Convention - Chicago, IL Selected ATC Notices 7/18/2024 NOTC3738
SUBJECT/TITLE FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – Nevada Test and Training Range, NV Selected ATC Notices 7/18/2024 NOTC3737
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – Fort Liberty, NC Selected ATC Notices 7/18/2024 NOTC3736
VIP Notice - Grand Rapids, MI Selected ATC Notices 7/17/2024 NOTC3735
VIP Notice - Bedminster, NJ Selected ATC Notices 7/17/2024 NOTC3734
Managing or participating in mass aircraft demonstrations SAFO - Safety Alerts for Operators 7/17/2024 NOTC3720
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – Electronic Proving Ground, AZ Selected ATC Notices 7/17/2024 NOTC3733
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – Fort Bliss, TX Selected ATC Notices 7/17/2024 NOTC3732
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – Fort Irwin, CA Selected ATC Notices 7/17/2024 NOTC3731
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – White Sands Missile Range, NM Selected ATC Notices 7/15/2024 NOTC3728
VIP Notice - Provincetown, MA Selected ATC Notices 7/15/2024 NOTC3727
VIP Movement Notification - Rehoboth Beach, DE Selected ATC Notices 7/13/2024 NOTC3726
FAAST Blast —Find FAA-Recognized Identification Areas Easier, Pilot Minute Video on Weight Loss Medications, Ground is Good General Information 7/11/2024 NOTC3719
Flight Advisory (GPS Testing) Fort Johnson, LA Selected ATC Notices 7/10/2024 NOTC3716
USHST Monthly Safety Report for July 2024 Helicopter Operations 7/10/2024 NOTC3710
Agricultural Aircraft Operations - Stay Safe and Aware Aerial Application (Agricultural Operations) 7/5/2024 NOTC3700
USHST Monthly Safety Report for June 2024 Helicopter Operations 7/5/2024 NOTC3699
Flight Advisory (GPS Testing) Fort Knox, KY Selected ATC Notices 7/3/2024 NOTC3707
Flight Advisory (GPS Testing) Fort Campbell, KY Selected ATC Notices 7/3/2024 NOTC3705
Quarter 4 FY24 Wichita FSDO Airworthiness Newsletter Airworthiness 7/3/2024 NOTC3702
Kansas City FSDO 4th Quarter information Letter General Information 7/1/2024 NOTC3698
FAAST Blast — Effort to End Close Calls, Dehydration and Flying, Leveraging Tech to Build Proficiency General Information 6/27/2024 NOTC3694
VIP Movement Notification - Atlanta, GA Selected ATC Notices 6/22/2024 NOTC3685
Runway 13L-31R Open at San Antonio Int'l (KSAT) Runway Safety Information 6/21/2024 NOTC3683
Runway and Taxiway Closure @ BOI Updated 5/28/2024 Runway Safety Information 6/17/2024 NOTC3634
NTSB Safety Alert - Aluminum Propeller Blades: Prevent Fractures with Proper Inspections and Maintenance General Information 5/17/2024 NOTC3612
2024 Coeur D' Alene, ID (COE) Temporary Tower Airports - General & Safety Information 5/16/2024 NOTC3548
USHST Monthly Safety Report for May 2024 Helicopter Operations 5/14/2024 NOTC3603
San Jose (KSJC) Taxiway Construction Runway Safety Information 4/26/2024 NOTC3569
DIRECT HIRE - Aviation Safety Inspector (General Aviation Flight Oversight) FAA Job Opening Announcements 4/22/2024 NOTC3545
Runway and Taxiway Closure @ BOI Runway Safety Information 4/22/2024 NOTC3546
Fly Safe: Manage Your Aircraft’s Energy General Information 4/16/2024 NOTC3547
USHST Safety Report for April 2024 Helicopter Operations 4/16/2024 NOTC3534
KSBA Major Taxiway Name Changes / Construction Notice Local Air Safety Information 4/12/2024 NOTC3540
Charleston International Airport - From the Flight Deck General Information 4/5/2024 NOTC3532
NAAA Fly Safe Campaign for Wire Strike Avoidance Aerial Application (Agricultural Operations) 4/3/2024 NOTC3526
McNeil River State Game Sanctuary Flight Advisory Local Air Safety Information 3/25/2024 NOTC3506
USHST Monthly Safety Report for March 2024 Helicopter Operations 3/19/2024 NOTC3495
GA AWARDS ANNOUNCES 2024 NATIONAL AWARD WINNERS General Information 3/14/2024 NOTC3487
Alaska Guide Pilots InFO24002 General Information 2/29/2024 NOTC3464
USHST Monthly Safety Report for Feb 2024 Helicopter Operations 2/28/2024 NOTC3425
InFO 24002 - Information for Alaska Guide Pilots and Lodges InFO - Information for Operators 2/27/2024 NOTC3462
Alert to Pilots Around Chicago- New Arrival to PWK General Information 2/27/2024 NOTC3460
Colorado Springs Traffic Pattern Altitude Local Air Safety Information 2/5/2024 NOTC3421
Recognizing and Mitigating Global Positioning System (GPS) SAFO - Safety Alerts for Operators 2/2/2024 NOTC3415
Williamsport Airpark - Increased Activity Flight Schools & CFIs 1/30/2024 NOTC3404
Podcast Series Highlights USHST Helicopter Safety Enhancement Initiative Helicopter Operations 1/23/2024 NOTC3342