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SubjectNotice TypeDateNotice Number
The ACS Needs your feedback General Information 5/24/2017 NOTC7180
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing - Barstow, CA Selected ATC Notices 5/23/2017 NOTC7179
VIP Movement Notification - Bangor, ME Selected ATC Notices 5/23/2017 NOTC7178
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing - Fort Polk, LA Selected ATC Notices 5/23/2017 NOTC7176
VIP Movement Notification - Baton Rouge, LA Selected ATC Notices 5/22/2017 NOTC7175
Flight Advisory- GPS interference testing- Las Vegas, NV Selected ATC Notices 5/19/2017 NOTC7174
Flight Advisory- GPS interference testing- Barstow, CA Selected ATC Notices 5/19/2017 NOTC7173
Flight Advisory- GPS interference testing- Bremerton, WA Selected ATC Notices 5/19/2017 NOTC7172
Flight Advisory- GPS interference testing- Fort Walton Beach, FL Selected ATC Notices 5/19/2017 NOTC7171
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing - Alamogordo, NM Selected ATC Notices 5/18/2017 NOTC7167
Flight Advisory- GPS INTERFERENCE TESTING-- El Paso, Texas Selected ATC Notices 5/17/2017 NOTC7165
Flight Advisory- GPS INTERFERENCE TESTING-- Fort Polk, LA Selected ATC Notices 5/17/2017 NOTC7164
VMC & Angle of Attack FAASTeam Representatives (only) 5/11/2017 NOTC7158
Pilot Weather Reports (PIREPs) General Information 5/10/2017 NOTC7155
Potential for Wrong Runway Landings at Tucson International (KTUS) Airports - General & Safety Information 5/8/2017 NOTC7147
Long Beach Airport Safety Notice Local Air Safety Information 5/5/2017 NOTC7150
FAAST Blast – FAA GA Survey, Clearance Delivery Phone Numbers, Webinar on ACS General Information 5/5/2017 NOTC7148
KTRK Temporary Control Tower Airports - General & Safety Information 5/4/2017 NOTC7145
Tips for CFIs Processing Remote Pilot & Student Pilot Applications General Information 5/1/2017 NOTC7141
CTAF Frequency Change at MQJ Local Air Safety Information 4/27/2017 NOTC7135
April 24 – The FAA encourages general aviation pilots to learn how to meet the BasicMed requirements General Information 4/24/2017 NOTC7130
The New BasicMed Rule Advisory Circular General Information 4/21/2017 NOTC7122
Teterboro ILS 6 Mandatory Altitudes! FAR Part 91/135 Turbojet Operators 2/17/2017 NOTC7049
Runway Safety Videos VNY SNA CNO Runway Safety Information 2/2/2017 NOTC7018
CVG FAAST Rep Newsletter FAASTeam Representatives (only) 1/19/2017 NOTC5083
Chino Airport Challenges Safety Stream - Pilots 1/6/2017 NOTC6991
FAASTeam Rep Validation FAASTeam Representatives (only) 11/16/2016 NOTC6301
The Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) Initiative General Information 10/26/2016 NOTC6821
Runway Status Lights Are Coming to SFO November 30, 2016 General Information 10/19/2016 NOTC6804
DRONES NOT WELCOME AT AIR SHOWS General Information 10/19/2016 NOTC6750
Pilots-Careful about taking those Galaxy Note7 devices on your aircraft! General Information 10/18/2016 NOTC6796
REVISED - Conducting Charity Flights Under 14 CFR 91.146 General Information 9/28/2016 NOTC6748
FAASTeam Presentation Library FAASTeam Representatives (only) 4/21/2016 NOTC6498
North Little Rock CTAF/UNICOM Change General Information 3/29/2016 NOTC6465
North Little Rock CTAF/UNICOM Change Local Air Safety Information 3/29/2016 NOTC6464
Changes to CFI Rotorcraft PTS published on March 22, 2016; includes new policy on autorotations. General Information 3/25/2016 NOTC6462
Runway Incursion Training Materials for CFIs General Information 3/2/2016 NOTC6435
Reminder: Appointment Required for Visiting Minneapolis FSDO General Information 2/22/2016 NOTC6419
CFIs' HNL Runway Incursion Prevention Letter Local Air Safety Information 2/11/2016 NOTC6399
FAASTeam Rep Meeting #1 FAASTeam Representatives (only) 1/20/2016 NOTC6375
Part 91 operators use of Minimum Descent Altitude as a Decision Altitude General Information 1/14/2016 NOTC6369
FAASTeam Rep News and Updates FAASTeam Representatives (only) 1/7/2016 NOTC6360
FAASTeam on Social Media! Changes to 12/10/2015 NOTC6320
Online Rep Training Courses FAASTeam Representatives (only) 11/19/2015 NOTC6302
The FAASTeam wants YOU! General Information 10/29/2015 NOTC6260
FY2016 FAASTeam Rep Newsletter FAASTeam Representatives (only) 10/21/2015 NOTC6250
Check it Out! General Information 9/18/2015 NOTC6199
Southern CALIFORNIA Helicopter + ALL Aircraft General Information 8/12/2015 NOTC6081
Meet the Airman Certification Standards (ACS) General Information 6/25/2015 NOTC6068