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SubjectNotice TypeDateNotice Number
GPS Interference Testing - Ridgecrest, CA Local Air Safety Information 10/9/2015 NOTC6235
McConnell AFB MACA Fly-In Seminar General Information 10/7/2015 NOTC6228
Houston Sectional Chart Change General Information 10/7/2015 NOTC6222
MMU Morristown, NJ: Authorized Instructor Training/Meeting Flight Schools & CFIs 10/7/2015 NOTC6213
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing - Butlerville, IN Selected ATC Notices 10/6/2015 NOTC6225
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing - Patuxent River, MD Selected ATC Notices 10/2/2015 NOTC6217
Grand Rapids FSDO Topic of the Month - September General Information 9/30/2015 NOTC6215
Congratulations Heather McNevin!!! General Information 9/28/2015 NOTC6212
FLIGHT ADVISORY GPS Interference Testing October 01-31, 2015 Alamogordo, NM. Local Air Safety Information 9/28/2015 NOTC6210
Subject line: FAAST Blast: New AI Replacement Guidance, Flight Service Update, Blurred Lines? General Information 9/24/2015 NOTC6203
Check it Out! General Information 9/18/2015 NOTC6199
New FAA Newsletters 9/15/2015 NOTC6196
September FAASTeam Topic Of The Month FAASTeam Representatives (only) 9/14/2015 NOTC6195
Chicago O'Hare Airport - New Runway Opening General Information 9/3/2015 NOTC6171
South Bend Int'l Airport - 2015 Notre Dame Football Season Home Game Procedures General Information 9/3/2015 NOTC6172
August Topic Of The Month FAASTeam Representatives (only) 8/17/2015 NOTC6144
Southern CALIFORNIA Helicopter + ALL Aircraft General Information 8/12/2015 NOTC6081
Grand Rapids FSDO Topic of the Month-July General Information 7/31/2015 NOTC6126
Surviving the Unexpected Safety Stream - Pilots 7/29/2015 NOTC6122
Pilot Insights – Who’s Flying? FAA Newsletters 7/8/2015 NOTC6069
ALERT- ALL Pilots SHHHHHH - HOLLYWOOD Bowl, John Anson Ford & Greek Theater General Information 6/25/2015 NOTC6066
Meet the Airman Certification Standards (ACS) General Information 6/25/2015 NOTC6068
CVG Rep Meeting FAASTeam Representatives (only) 6/15/2015 NOTC6047
Pilot Insights - What’s Harder? Flying in Class B Airspace or Taxiing at a Complex Airport? General Information 6/2/2015 NOTC6028
CFI Info - The Gunslinger in All of Us General Information 4/9/2015 NOTC5943
Pilot Insights - It’s just a little weather – what’s the big deal? Safety Stream - Pilots 4/9/2015 NOTC5940
KSJC Tecky One Departure (TECKY DP) Local Air Safety Information 4/8/2015 NOTC5937
FAAST Blast-Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In, Combatting Crosswinds and Turbulence, and Mountain Flying General Information 4/7/2015 NOTC5936
Announcing the 2015 National GA Award Honorees General Information 3/18/2015 NOTC5909
Appointment Required for Minneapolis FSDO General Information 3/16/2015 NOTC5887
Preflight those electrons General Information 3/3/2015 NOTC5875
Cancellation Date Extended for Voluntary Beacon Codes for Helicopter Operations General Information 2/26/2015 NOTC5865
CFI Info – Fresh Air and Stalls General Information 2/6/2015 NOTC5833
5 Videos That Every Helicopter Pilot Needs to Watch General Information 2/6/2015 NOTC5832
Scheduling error - event repost General Information 1/27/2015 NOTC5818
National FAASTeam CFI of the Year General Information 1/15/2015 NOTC5796
Address Update General Information 12/12/2014 NOTC5761
“That Others May Live” The horrifying tale of an inadvertent encounter with IMC. General Information 12/12/2014 NOTC5760
CVG Rep Newsletter FAASTeam Representatives (only) 12/12/2014 NOTC5759
HNL CANCELS 9 DEC Rnwy 4L-4R Closure General Information 12/8/2014 NOTC5750
Opening: Designated Aircraft Dispatcher Examiner FAA Newsletters 12/2/2014 NOTC5740
Maintenance Safety Tip Airworthiness 11/24/2014 NOTC5736
FAASTeam Rep Newsletter, first of FY15 FAASTeam Representatives (only) 10/24/2014 NOTC5668
New Bermuda Dunes Airport (UUD) frequencies Airports - General & Safety Information 10/23/2014 NOTC5665
New Thermal (TRM) Frequencies Airports - General & Safety Information 10/23/2014 NOTC5664
Alaska Terminal District ODO terminated Local Air Safety Information 9/17/2014 NOTC5521
Interior Alaska Flight Instructor Association Safety Stream - Instructors 8/22/2014 NOTC5522
FAAST Blast General Information 8/12/2014 NOTC5507
What you should know about "Climb Via" General Information 7/22/2014 NOTC5469
ATTENTION: Airmen Using EIK Local Air Safety Information 7/14/2014 NOTC5448