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FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing - Fort Bragg, NC Selected ATC Notices 4/20/2018 NOTC7729
FAAST Blast — FAA Safety Briefing Live, AMT ACS Draft Now Available, Smart Cockpit Tech, Flying with Mates, Munchkins, & Mutts General Information 4/18/2018 NOTC7727
New FAA Safety Briefing: Flying Companions Guide to GA: Part II FAA Newsletters 4/18/2018 NOTC7722
Flight Advisory - GPS Interference Testing- Alamogordo, NM (04/21- 05/19) Selected ATC Notices 4/17/2018 NOTC7725
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing - Greeneville, TX Selected ATC Notices 4/17/2018 NOTC7724
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing - Las Vegas, NV Selected ATC Notices 4/17/2018 NOTC7723
FLIGHT ADVISORY GPS INTERFERENCE TESTING April 19–May 05, 2018 Yuma, AZ. Local Air Safety Information 4/16/2018 NOTC7719
New FAASTeam Program Manager at the Bradley CT FSDO General Information 4/10/2018 NOTC7713
TFR ALERT – Palm Beach, Florida Selected ATC Notices 4/6/2018 NOTC7707
No Kidding: ADS-B Deadline of Jan. 1, 2020, is Firm General Information 4/5/2018 NOTC7704
FAAST Blast — AD Issued for Certain Bonanzas, Sun ‘n Fun 2018, How to Be a Weather Wingman General Information 4/4/2018 NOTC7703
Illegal Charter Operations General Information 4/3/2018 NOTC7700
FY18 3rd Quarter Kansas City Flight Standards Office Airworthiness Facts General Information 4/2/2018 NOTC7698
Potential for Wrong Runway Landings at Tucson International (KTUS) Runway Safety Information 3/28/2018 NOTC7685
GAJSC Safety Enhancement Topic - Emergency Procedures Training General Information 3/28/2018 NOTC7694
Flight Service Transitions to Leidos Pilot Web Portal General Information 3/23/2018 NOTC7670
FAAST Blast — NTSB Safety Alert on W&B, Prepare for the Unexpected, Honing Your Navigation Skills General Information 3/22/2018 NOTC7682
To All Pilot flying in the area of the Los Altos Rod Gun Club Local Air Safety Information 3/20/2018 NOTC7681
Pilot Deviations - Santa Monica Airport Local Air Safety Information 3/16/2018 NOTC7676
Your ADS-B Questions Answered: Get the Facts Here General Information 2/7/2018 NOTC7602
San Antonio (KSAT) Runway Safety/Incursion Awareness LTA-SAT-15 Runway Safety Information 2/1/2018 NOTC7592
57 Seconds to Safer Flying - Enhanced Vision Systems Safety Stream - Pilots 1/31/2018 NOTC7591
General Aviation Awards General Information 1/26/2018 NOTC7582
HNL Runway 4L-22R Hold Lines Relocated General Information 1/26/2018 NOTC7572
Happy New Year! General Information 1/8/2018 NOTC7549
Long Beach Airport Runway 7R/25L Closure Procedures Local Air Safety Information 12/21/2017 NOTC7534
Pilot Weather Reports (PIREPs) General Information 12/20/2017 NOTC7155
Aviation English Language Standards Flight Schools & CFIs 12/6/2017 NOTC7522
HNL Runway 4-22 Taxiway Re-Marking General Information 11/21/2017 NOTC7496
International Helicopter Safety Team Survey General Information 11/20/2017 NOTC7497
A message worthy of everyone’s attention regarding a recent fatal helicopter accident trend from USHST General Information 10/26/2017 NOTC7460
Know where training aircraft practice in Utah and more! General Information 10/11/2017 NOTC7428
Wrong Surface Landing Incidents General Information 10/2/2017 NOTC7400
EAA AirVenture 2017 Videos General Information 8/31/2017 NOTC7339
Update to “Cold Temperature Restricted Airports” list located in Notice to Airmen Publication NTAP Graphic Notices General Information 7/18/2017 NOTC7273
Rep request up-date FAASTeam Representatives (only) 7/11/2017 NOTC7254
FAASTeam Rep communications FAASTeam Representatives (only) 7/10/2017 NOTC7249
Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) Policy Letter (PL) 98, Revision One Update General Information 7/6/2017 NOTC7243
North Little Rock CTAF/UNICOM Change General Information 6/12/2017 NOTC6465
More Tips for Flight Instructors Processing Remote Pilot & Student Pilot Applications General Information 6/9/2017 NOTC7206
The ACS Needs your feedback General Information 5/24/2017 NOTC7180
Potential for Wrong Runway Landings at Tucson International (KTUS) Airports - General & Safety Information 5/8/2017 NOTC7147
Long Beach Airport Safety Notice Local Air Safety Information 5/5/2017 NOTC7150
April 24 – The FAA encourages general aviation pilots to learn how to meet the BasicMed requirements General Information 4/24/2017 NOTC7130
Teterboro ILS 6 Mandatory Altitudes! FAR Part 91/135 Turbojet Operators 2/17/2017 NOTC7049
Runway Safety Videos VNY SNA CNO Runway Safety Information 2/2/2017 NOTC7018
CVG FAAST Rep Newsletter FAASTeam Representatives (only) 1/19/2017 NOTC5083
FAASTeam Rep Validation FAASTeam Representatives (only) 11/16/2016 NOTC6301
The Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) Initiative General Information 10/26/2016 NOTC6821
Pilots-Careful about taking those Galaxy Note7 devices on your aircraft! General Information 10/18/2016 NOTC6796