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Temporary flight restrictions (TFRs)

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SubjectNotice TypeDateNotice Number
HNL Runway 4-22 Taxiway Re-Marking General Information 11/21/2017 NOTC7496
International Helicopter Safety Team Survey General Information 11/20/2017 NOTC7497
New Tucson Airport Diagram Airports - General & Safety Information 11/17/2017 NOTC7494
VIP Movement Notification – Meridian, Mississippi Selected ATC Notices 11/17/2017 NOTC7495
FAAST Blast – Proposed Piper/Textron ADs, Aero. Chart Users Guide Update, New NTSB Safety Alert, Set a Course for “Sim City” General Information 11/16/2017 NOTC7493
Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) Position General Information 11/16/2017 NOTC7492
GAJSC Topic: Engine Maintenance and Performance Monitoring General Information 11/15/2017 NOTC7491
VIP TFR Mar-A-Lago, Florida Selected ATC Notices 11/15/2017 NOTC7488
VIP Movement Notification – Palm Beach, Florida Selected ATC Notices 11/14/2017 NOTC7487
New FAA Safety Briefing now available - Set a Course for SimCity! FAA Newsletters 11/13/2017 NOTC7486
Kansas City Flight Standards Information Letter General Information 11/2/2017 NOTC7477
Subject: Houston, TX, William P Hobby Airport Runway Safety / Incursion Awareness General Information 10/31/2017 NOTC7469
UAS Part 107 instant access to controlled airspace General Information 10/27/2017 NOTC7459
Flight Advisory- Barstow, CA (11/01-11/30) Selected ATC Notices 10/27/2017 NOTC7467
Flight Advisory- Alamogordo, NM (11/01-11/30) Selected ATC Notices 10/27/2017 NOTC7465
A message worthy of everyone’s attention regarding a recent fatal helicopter accident trend from USHST General Information 10/26/2017 NOTC7460
South Bend, IN (KSBN) ATIS Frequency Change Local Air Safety Information 10/26/2017 NOTC7458
Runway Safety Round-up – Pilot Best Practices General Information 10/26/2017 NOTC7456
NOTAMs Basics General Information 10/25/2017 NOTC7447
Survive a GA Accident General Information 10/24/2017 NOTC7452
Major Changes Made to Precision Runway Monitor (PRM) Approach Pilot Training General Information 10/24/2017 NOTC7451
Junked-out Emails or Emails not received General Information 10/23/2017 NOTC6873
Alternate Flight Instructor Renewal Process General Information 10/19/2017 NOTC7439
Know where training aircraft practice in Utah and more! General Information 10/11/2017 NOTC7428
Wrong Surface Landing Incidents General Information 10/2/2017 NOTC7400
57 Seconds to Safer Flying - Rusty Pilots Safety Stream - Pilots 9/28/2017 NOTC7394
57 Seconds to Safer Flying for August 2017 Safety Stream - Pilots 8/31/2017 NOTC7343
EAA AirVenture 2017 Videos General Information 8/31/2017 NOTC7339
"57 Seconds to Safer Flying" for July 2017 Flight Schools & CFIs 7/28/2017 NOTC7291
"57 Seconds to Safer Flying" for July 2017, Pilots and Meds General Information 7/28/2017 NOTC7290
57 Seconds to Safer Flying for July 2017 Safety Stream - Pilots 7/28/2017 NOTC7289
Update to “Cold Temperature Restricted Airports” list located in Notice to Airmen Publication NTAP Graphic Notices General Information 7/18/2017 NOTC7273
Update - Flint Bishop International KFNT Operational Impact Statement Runway Safety Information 7/13/2017 NOTC7264
UAS Risk Reduction sUAS - Small Umanned Aircraft System 7/11/2017 NOTC7257
Rep request up-date FAASTeam Representatives (only) 7/11/2017 NOTC7254
FAASTeam Rep communications FAASTeam Representatives (only) 7/10/2017 NOTC7249
Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) Policy Letter (PL) 98, Revision One Update General Information 7/6/2017 NOTC7243
Important Change to CONUS Text Area Forecasts (FAs) General Information 6/20/2017 NOTC7226
North Little Rock CTAF/UNICOM Change General Information 6/12/2017 NOTC6465
More Tips for Flight Instructors Processing Remote Pilot & Student Pilot Applications General Information 6/9/2017 NOTC7206
The ACS Needs your feedback General Information 5/24/2017 NOTC7180
Pilot Weather Reports (PIREPs) General Information 5/10/2017 NOTC7155
Potential for Wrong Runway Landings at Tucson International (KTUS) Airports - General & Safety Information 5/8/2017 NOTC7147
Long Beach Airport Safety Notice Local Air Safety Information 5/5/2017 NOTC7150
April 24 – The FAA encourages general aviation pilots to learn how to meet the BasicMed requirements General Information 4/24/2017 NOTC7130
Teterboro ILS 6 Mandatory Altitudes! FAR Part 91/135 Turbojet Operators 2/17/2017 NOTC7049
Runway Safety Videos VNY SNA CNO Runway Safety Information 2/2/2017 NOTC7018
CVG FAAST Rep Newsletter FAASTeam Representatives (only) 1/19/2017 NOTC5083
FAASTeam Rep Validation FAASTeam Representatives (only) 11/16/2016 NOTC6301
The Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) Initiative General Information 10/26/2016 NOTC6821