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Aviation Learning Center Document All About Fuel - P-8740-35
Author: Federal Aviation Administration Date: 2002
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80/87 vs 100LL
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In 1971, the oil companies began development of a single grade avgas that would meet the needs of all reciprocating powered aircraft. When 80/87 began to disappear from the avgas market and 100LL was introduced to take its place, operators expressed concern about the service life expectancy of their low compression engines. Some operators experienced accelerated exhaust valve erosion and valve guide wear from the use of highly leaded 100/130 (green) avgas in engines that were rated to use a minimum grade 80 octane fuel. The engine manufacturers were quick to provide aircraft owners with amended operating procedures and maintenance schedules which helped minimize the engine malfunctions resulting from the use of high lead 100/130 avgas. Experience of the past ten years has proven that low compression aircraft engines can be operated safely on 100 low lead (LL) avgas without difficulty, providing they are operated and serviced in accordance with the approved aircraft owner's manual or other officially approved document.

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