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Aviation Learning Center Document Thunderstorm Avoidance Tips
Author: Christine Soucy Date: July 2006
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Operational Tips
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State exactly what you want to do, or what service you want from ATC. Generally, when weather disrupts the flow of air traffic, greater workload demands are placed on the controller. Requests for deviations from course and/or radar vectoring services should be made as far in advance as possible to better assure the controller's ability to approve such requests promptly. Don't wait until the last possible moment. When requesting approval to detour around weather activity, it is helpful to include the following information:

  • (a) the proposed point where the detour will commence;
  • (b) the proposed route and extent of the detour (direction and distance);
  • (c) the point where original route will be resumed (as soon as it can be determined); and
  • (d) any further deviation(s) that become necessary.

Thunderstorms and ATC is an excellent online program from the AOPA Air Safety Foundation containing more information for pilots is available at www.asf.org/wxwise_thunder.

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