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Aviation Learning Center Document Thunderstorm Avoidance Tips
Author: Christine Soucy Date: July 2006
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Maintain Situational Awareness
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If you are flying an off course heading that is taking you around or away from bad weather and ATC issues you a clearance to resume on course or proceed direct to the next NAVAID when able, maintain your situational awareness. In other words, don't undo what you were trying to do! Ask ATC whether or not you are clear of the weather area if you don't already know. If you turn to the direct heading too soon, you could very well put yourself on a direct course to enter the same weather that you were trying to avoid! ATC may be very busy, but double check with them. The controller can see where your aircraft is in relation to the precipitation area and where your heading will take you. ATC may be busy, but remember, your well-being is on the line, and no controller wants you to put yourself in jeopardy!

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