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Aviation Learning Center Document Weight and Balance-P-8740-05
Author: Federal Aviation Administration Date: 1995
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Loading Information
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  • Aircraft Empty WT x CG(ARM) = Moment
  • Oil WT x ARM = Moment
  • Pilot and Passenger WT x SEAT (ARM) = Moment
  • Passengers WT x Seat (ARM) = Moment
  • Baggage WT x Compartment(ARM)=Moment
  • Fuel WT x Tank (ARM) = Moment
  • Aux. Fuel WT x Tank (ARM) = Moment

Add total weight and check against maximum takeoff weight. If within limits, add the total moment and divide by total weight to determine loaded CG The loaded CG should be within the forward and aft CG limits shown in the aircraft flight manual weight and balance information. If not, a few minor load adjustments may correct the problem.

For your safety and the safety of your passengers, check the weight and balance of your aircraft before each flight. Keep the aircraft gross weight and center of gravity within prescribed limits.

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