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Aviation Learning Center Document Meet Your Aircraft P-8740-29
Author: FAA Date: 1995
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Systems Overlap
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Aircraft operating systems can also overlap and cause problems. This is particularly true of the electrical and hydraulic systems involving the landing gear and control systems. This relationship is extremely important. In one incident, a pilot had a total electrical failure in an aircraft that had an electrically operated landing gear system. After the gear-up landing, the pilot said that he knew that the gear down indicators would not work becuase they were electrically operated. He thought the gear was down because the manual indicator showed it was down after he had put the gear handle in the "down" position. When asked if he had lowered the gear manually, he said, "No." If this pilot had possessed more insight into the interrelationship between systems, it is possible that he could have avoided this incident.

We mentioned avionics systems. Fatal accidents have occurred because pilots set up their navigation and communication systems improperly. No more needs to be said!

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