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Aviation Learning Center Document Risk Management Teaching Tips
Author: Susan Parson Date: April 2005
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It's All About Habits
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It is never too early to start teaching your students about risk management. You may find that the 3P model is not all that different from what you may have been doing all along. So why use it at all? Here are two reasons. First, I'm willing to bet that many of your flight training clients will have no idea what to do if you simply tell them they need to manage risk. The 3P model gives you a tool to teach them a structured, efficient, and systematic way to identify hazards, assess risk, and implement effective risk controls. Second, practicing risk management needs to be as automatic in GA flying as basic airplane control. Consider making the 3P discussion a standard feature of your preflight discussion. As is true for other flying skills, risk management thinking habits are best developed through repetition and consistent adherence to specific procedures. In the increasingly complex aviation system, we owe it to the pilots we train to equip them with the tools to practice this vital skill.

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