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Aviation Learning Center Document General Aviation Passenger SAFETY Briefing
Author: Susan Parson Date: January 2007
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You want your passengers to be comfortable during the flight, so the second major item to include in your briefing is environmental controls. Show your passengers where the air vents are located, and tell them how to open and close overhead and/or floor-level vents in their seating area. Many GA airplanes have other environmental controls (e.g., cabin heat) located somewhere on the instrument panel. If your passenger is airplane-savvy, you might show him or her how to adjust some or all of these controls. Remember, though, that for most nonpilots, the instrument panel for even the smallest GA aircraft is a bewildering array of dials and knobs and switches that all look alike. Unless your passenger has at least some experience in GA aircraft, it may be best to tell them to let you know if they are too hot or too cold, so that you can make the adjustment.

The subject of air brings up a more delicate issue -- airsickness. Opinions differ widely on whether, and how, to discuss this topic with passengers. Some pilots advocate a direct approach, including a full briefing on location and use of airsickness bags. Others believe that a specific briefing triggers the power of suggestion in potentially queasy passengers, and prefer to avoid the subject entirely. You be the judge of your passengers' tendencies toward motion sickness, but if you are in the "don’t tell" group, you will still want passengers to know that they should tell you right away if they feel uncomfortable for any reason.

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