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Description: The AC describes a method to substitute an approved attitude indicator for the rate-of-turn indicator.
Description: Studies have shown that startle responses during unexpected situations such as power-plant failure during takeoff or initial climb have contributed to loss of control of...
Description: This pamphlet provides information about aviation fuels and safety precautions to be observed during aircraft fueling operations.
Description: This document describes basic procedures for safe operation of piston aircraft engines.
Description: Plane Sense introduces aircraft owners and operators, or prospective aircraft owners and operators, to basic information about the requirements involved in acquiring, owning,...
Description: This article discusses the information management, automation management, and risk management skills needed to fly glass cockpit aircraft.
Description: This document is a PowerPoint presentation on runway safety practices.
Description: This pamphlet provides guidance for pilots transitioning to a new type of aircraft.
Description: This document lists recommended practices for depicting and coordinating procedures to be used in VFR practice areas to reduce the risk of midair collisions.
Description: This document offers general aviation pilots a checklist for briefing their passengers.
1 to 10 of 22 total