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Aviation Learning Center Document AC 91-75 - Attitude Indicator
Author: Federal Aviation Administration Date: June 2003
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1. Purpose
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The purpose of this advisory circular (AC) is to provide a method to substitute an approved attitude indicator for the rate-of-turn indicator mandated by Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 91, section 91.205(d)(3). This AC excludes airplanes covered by section 91.205(d)(3)(i) and (ii). This AC is applicable to part 23-certificated airplanes (or airplanes certificated under earlier equivalent regulations) that weigh less than 12,500 pounds and are operated under part 91. Like all advisory material, this AC is not in itself mandatory and does not constitute a regulation. One may follow an alternate FAA-approved method. Mandatory words such as "shall" or "must" apply only to those who seek to demonstrate compliance to a specific rule by use of a method prescribed in this AC without deviation.

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