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Aviation Learning Center Document Personal Minimums Development Guide
Author: Susan Parson Date: June 2006
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Step 6 - Stick to the Plan!
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Once you have done all the thinking required to establish baseline personal minimums, "all" you need to do next is stick to the plan. As most pilots know, that task is a lot harder than it sounds, especially when the flight is for a trip that you really want to make, or when you are staring into the faces of your disappointed passengers. Here's where personal minimums can be an especially valuable tool. Professional pilots live by the numbers, and so should you. Pre-established hard numbers can make it a lot easier to make a smart "no go" or "divert" decision than a vague sense that you can "probably" deal with the conditions that you are facing at any given time. In addition, a written set of personal minimums can also make it easier to explain tough decisions to passengers who are, after all, trusting their lives to your aeronautical skill and judgment.

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