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Aviation Learning Center Document Ground Deicing Procedures for Turbine Aircraft (SAFO)
Author: FAA Date: March 2006
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The General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC) is the primary vehicle for Government/industry cooperation, communication, and coordination on general aviation (GA) accident mitigation. The Turbine Aircraft Operations Subgroup (TAOS) of the GAJSC works to mitigate accidents in operations of turbine aircraft, including turboprops and turbojets. Recent high-profile accidents, including the crash of a Challenger 601 in Montrose, CO, made the TAOS aware of deficiencies in pilot training in the area of ground deicing practices, and a lack of thorough understanding by pilots as to the effects of airframe contamination on takeoff. While many accidents may involve serious injury or death, ground icing-related accidents typically produce catastrophic results. Consequently, ground deicing training should place additional emphasis and awareness on the high-risk environment associated with these operations. Due to the seasonal nature of these operations, recurrent training should, whenever possible, be scheduled to precede the following winter season.

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