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Aviation Learning Center Document Taxi into Position and Hold Guidance
Author: FAA Date: February 2007
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Key points include the following --

1. ATC will normally withhold landing clearances on a runway while another aircraft is holding on the same runway.

2. ATC will issue traffic advisories to aircraft holding in position and to aircraft holding, departing, or arriving on an intersecting runway.

3. When cleared to "taxi into position and hold" a pilot should anticipate an imminent takeoff clearance. A pilot should ask ATC about any unexplained delay in receiving that clearance.

4. When holding short and when holding in position a pilot should be especially attentive to all radio transmissions from ATC, as well as acknowledgments from other aircraft.

More detailed Guidance for Pilots can be accessed at the following FAA public website: Runway Safety. (http://www.faa.gov/runwaysafety/cockpit.cfm) (Under "Information for" click on "Pilots.")

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