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Category: Human Factors
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Description: This video introduces the Perceive, Process, Perform and Evaluate model for aeronautical decision-making.
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Description: 12 Common Causes of Human Factors Errors
Description: Doctors Are More Dangerous Than Gun Owners: A Rejoinder to Error Counting
Description: This document provides information and tips on flying in flat light and white out conditions.
Description: This article provides a checklist for briefing passengers in general aviation aircraft.
Description: This article discusses the information management, automation management, and risk management skills needed to fly glass cockpit aircraft.
Description: No pilot is invulnerable to an in-flight collision. This document explains limitations of the eye and explains how to scan effectively for traffic.
Description: New York Class B Airspace Hudson River and East River Exclusion Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA)
Description: This guide provides ideas and suggested mentoring practices to help bridge the gap between aviation training and experience.
Description: This article provides important safety tips for flying at night.
1 to 10 of 22 total