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Category: General Aviation Maintenance Alerts
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Description: Rotors. Agusta AW139 The crack on one tail rotor blade aft of the erosion shield, extended from the inboard end of the shield to within 8-inches of the outboard tip of the...
Description: Power Plants, Allison 250C47B, Cracked Combustion Case. References a Bell Helicopter
Description: Power Plants, Atlee Dodge Muffler, The hose clamp on the muffler shroud's left cabin inlet port had worn a notch through the engine mount's lower left vertical support tubing. ...
Description: Accessories, Auxilec Generator, Bearing. The generator rear bearing failed on the right engine; its mounting pad sheared and the generator split apart. References a...
Description: Airplanes, Aviat A1, Blocked Fuel Vent Lines. January, 2007. Bot fuel vent lines were blocked by ice. The engine stopped during its taxi to the runway.
Description: Airplanes, Beech 1900-1900D. Burned Blower Resisters. February, 2007
Description: Airplanes. Beech 390, Cracked Flap Fairing Hinge Fitting. During inspection of the wing flap actuator attachments, both the L/H and R/H wing inboard flap-fairing hinge...
Description: Airplanes. Beech 400, Cracked Engine Mount, During the removal of the L/H engine, the mechanic found that the engine mount had a large crack."
Description: Airplanes, Beech 58, Failed Throttle Control Rod
Description: Airplanes, Beech 58, Burned Landing Light Circuit Breaker Switch. A burning smell was reported by the pilot, there were burned internal components found in the failed switch.
11 to 20 of 217 total