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Category: General Aviation Maintenance Alerts
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Description: Rotors, Bell 206B, Failed Transmission Oil Sight Indicator. The oil level indicated full after the main rotor transmission oil was drained. The coating with the level...
Description: Airplane. An amber Electrical Fail showed on the CAS message, further inspection indicated a power cable for Number 2 TRU had come free.
Description: Airplanes: Corroded Wing Span. Corrosion was found under the forward and aft wing spars under the fuel tank spacer blocks.
Description: Airplanes: Cessna 172 Stuck Start Contractor. The Start Contractor stuck in the closed position.
Description: Airlanes Cessna 172P. Pilots lower seat frame support legs cracked at the frame wheel cuts
Description: Airplanes. Cessna 172S Failed ignition Switch. The ACS Gerdes ignition switch has never been inspected in accordance with Cessna SEB91 5R1 bulletin.
Description: Airplanes Cessna 182G A casting crack was visually found during the course of an annual inspection.
Description: A casting crack was visually found during the course of an Annual Inspection.
Description: Airplanes. Cessna 182S Cracked Firewall Doubler. A 1.25 inch long crack was discovered n the firewall forward doubler. The crack is located near the Bracket Parking Brake...
Description: Airplanes. Cessna 182T Cracked Fuselage Bulkhead Flanges. Cracks were found in the flange of both the LH and RH fuselage bulkheads at Station 17.
11 to 20 of 70 total