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Category: General Aviation Maintenance Alerts
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Description: Airplanes, Agusta A119, The Gleason Crown Gear was cracked.
Description: Rotors. Agusta AW139 The crack on one tail rotor blade aft of the erosion shield, extended from the inboard end of the shield to within 8-inches of the outboard tip of the...
Description: Power Plants, Allison 250C47B, Cracked Combustion Case. References a Bell Helicopter
Description: Power Plants, Atlee Dodge Muffler, The hose clamp on the muffler shroud's left cabin inlet port had worn a notch through the engine mount's lower left vertical support tubing. ...
Description: Accessories, Auxilec Generator, Bearing. The generator rear bearing failed on the right engine; its mounting pad sheared and the generator split apart. References a...
Description: Airplanes. Beech 390, Cracked Flap Fairing Hinge Fitting. During inspection of the wing flap actuator attachments, both the L/H and R/H wing inboard flap-fairing hinge...
Description: Airplanes. Beech 400, Cracked Engine Mount, During the removal of the L/H engine, the mechanic found that the engine mount had a large crack."
Description: Airplanes, Beech 58, Failed Throttle Control Rod
Description: Airplanes, Beech 58, Burned Landing Light Circuit Breaker Switch. A burning smell was reported by the pilot, there were burned internal components found in the failed switch.
Description: Airplanes. Beech 58, Fuel Cell Sealant Deterioration. The cells are sealed wing bays—or 'wet wing' fuel cells located in each wing tip. These wing tip fuel cells were found...
11 to 20 of 175 total