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Temporary flight restrictions (TFRs)

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SubjectNotice TypeDateNotice Number
VIP Movement Notification - Morristown/Bedminster, NJ Selected ATC Notices 8/5/2020 NOTC0260
VIP Notice - Southampton, New York Selected ATC Notices 8/4/2020 NOTC0259
GPS INTERFERENCE TESTING– Portsmouth, VA Selected ATC Notices 8/4/2020 NOTC0258
VIP Notice - Long Branch, New Jersey Selected ATC Notices 8/4/2020 NOTC0257
Tucson International Temporary Taxi Routes Runway Safety Information 8/3/2020 NOTC0255
VIP Notice - Cleveland, Ohio -AND- Clyde, Ohio Selected ATC Notices 8/3/2020 NOTC0254
FLY-RITE Preflight Weather Risk Assessment Webinars - August 2020 Webinar Event Announcement General Information 8/1/2020 NOTC0253
GPS INTERFERENCE TESTING– Inyokern, CA Selected ATC Notices 7/31/2020 NOTC0251
Free Recipe and One-Stop Shopping General Information 7/31/2020 NOTC0250
NEW Taxiway at Pasco, WA. (Tri-Cities Airport - PSC) Airports - General & Safety Information 7/30/2020 NOTC0249
FAAST Blast — New Runway Safety Animation, Pattern Precision, Humans Behind Human Factors General Information 7/30/2020 NOTC0248
HCF Sector 5 Frequency Change 10 SEP 2020 Local Air Safety Information 7/29/2020 NOTC0247
FLIGHT ADVISORY GPS INTERFERENCE TESTING- White Sands Missile Range, NM Selected ATC Notices 7/27/2020 NOTC0244
TFR Alert- DNC- Milwaukee, WI Local Air Safety Information 7/27/2020 NOTC0243
Airworthiness Concern Sheet-Continental O-470 General Information 7/27/2020 NOTC0242
GPS INTERFERENCE TESTING– White Sands Missile Range, NM Selected ATC Notices 7/24/2020 NOTC0238
Yakima Air Terminal - McAllister Field - Runway Construction Closure Airports - General & Safety Information 7/24/2020 NOTC0234
David Wayne Hooks from the Flight Deck Video General Information 7/20/2020 NOTC0230
JNU Movement Area Boundary Changes Airports - General & Safety Information 7/20/2020 NOTC0224
FAAST Blast — New AD for Diamond DA 40, Virtual GA Town Hall, Safe Charter Ops, FAASB Live — July 23, Asleep at the Yoke? General Information 7/16/2020 NOTC0226
Greater St. Louis Flight Instructors Association July 2020 Newsletter General Information 7/16/2020 NOTC0220
Cessna Carrythru AD 2020-03-16 AMOCs and FAQs General Information 7/15/2020 NOTC0221
Anchorage International Airport Runway Construction Update Local Air Safety Information 7/15/2020 NOTC0214
Latest FAA Safety Briefing Covers Human Factors in Aviation FAA Newsletters 7/15/2020 NOTC0204
United -States Helicopter Safety Team-Monthly Report (July 2020) Helicopter Operations 7/14/2020 NOTC0217
St. Louis FSDO Safety Tips Newsletter Summer 2020 FAA Newsletters 7/13/2020 NOTC0213
FY20 4th Quarter Kansas City FSDO Information Letter General Information 7/13/2020 NOTC0212
Prevention of Lake Hood Water-Lane Incursions & Pilot Deviations Local Air Safety Information 7/1/2020 NOTC0197
New Animation @ Runway Safety Simulator General Information 7/1/2020 NOTC0193
Are you changing your N#? Read Below for More Information General Information 6/25/2020 NOTC0189
WASH FSDO Operations Inspector Position FAA Job Opening Announcements 6/24/2020 NOTC0187
Congratulations to Safety Rep Dave Strassburg! General Information 6/23/2020 NOTC0186
Sharing Aircraft Operating Expenses General Information 6/19/2020 NOTC0177
General Aviation Awards Program News Release General Information 6/19/2020 NOTC0178
Safety and Self Reporting General Information 6/18/2020 NOTC0156
How to Find Webinars on General Information 6/17/2020 NOTC0173
Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) Availability for Medical Certification examinations General Information 6/16/2020 NOTC0172
Operating Tips for Bedminster TFRs 2020 Local Air Safety Information 6/10/2020 NOTC0167
When Manassas (HEF) Tower is Closed Local Air Safety Information 6/10/2020 NOTC0166
Antenna Shields Needed during ADS-B Equipment Testing Repair Station 6/5/2020 NOTC0158
When airliners and GA intermix at SRQ when the tower is closed. Airports - General & Safety Information 6/4/2020 NOTC0157
Flight Standards SFAR Briefing for COVID-19 Relief General Information 5/29/2020 NOTC0148
Illegal Air Charters Put Us All At Risk General Information 5/26/2020 NOTC0137
HNL Taxiway Closures-COVID Aircraft Parking General Information 5/12/2020 NOTC0125
United -States Helicopter Safety Team-Monthly Report (Apr 2020) Helicopter Operations 5/7/2020 NOTC0118
FNT RWY 9-27 Rehab project Runway Safety Information 5/7/2020 NOTC0117
Is Your Flight Review Set to Expire, But You Can’t Fly With a CFI Because of COVID-19? General Information 5/4/2020 NOTC0109
PAJN Taxiway Construction Airports - General & Safety Information 4/24/2020 NOTC0096
TSA’s annual outreach to CFIs General Information 4/20/2020 NOTC0089
United -States Helicopter Safety Team-Monthly Report (Mar 2020) Helicopter Operations 4/6/2020 NOTC0082