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SubjectNotice TypeDateNotice Number
Chicago Midway International Airport-FAA Informal Airspace Meeting General Information 9/17/2021 NOTC2057
FLIGHT ADVISORY- UNGA- 76 Selected ATC Notices 9/17/2021 NOTC2055
FAA Consolidated Wake Turbulence (CWT) Radar Separation Standards Implementation within Atlanta TRACON Airspace Selected ATC Notices 9/17/2021 NOTC2056
VIP Movement Notification - New York, NY Selected ATC Notices 9/15/2021 NOTC2054
VIP Movement Notification - Rehoboth Beach, DE Selected ATC Notices 9/15/2021 NOTC2053
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – Fort Polk, LA Selected ATC Notices 9/15/2021 NOTC2052
FAAST Blast — Update to Cold Temp Restricted Airports, Lose the Laser, From Shrimp Boats to Satellites General Information 9/9/2021 NOTC2047
STP Airport Runway Safety Action Team (RSAT) Meeting Runway Safety Information 9/9/2021 NOTC2046
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – Fort Bragg, NC Selected ATC Notices 9/8/2021 NOTC2045
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – White Sands Missile Range, NM Selected ATC Notices 9/8/2021 NOTC2044
USHST Monthly Safety Report - September 2021 Helicopter Operations 9/8/2021 NOTC2042
How do you stay proficient? General Information 9/7/2021 NOTC2040
Cooper River Bridge Run 2021 - Saturday September 25, 2021 Local Air Safety Information 9/7/2021 NOTC2034
Electronic 1 pg Brochure - Runway Safety Runway Safety Information 9/3/2021 NOTC2031
2021-9-2 LTA: FPR - Treaure Coast Int'l Apt Runway Safety Information 9/2/2021 NOTC2027
Lewiston Nez Perce County Airport Construction Airports - General & Safety Information 9/1/2021 NOTC2009
GPS Interference Test - Fort Irwin, CA Selected ATC Notices 9/1/2021 NOTC2024
Flying Your Drone Safely During Hurricane?Ida?  sUAS - Small Umanned Aircraft System 8/27/2021 NOTC2023
FAAST Blast — Runway Safety Discussion – Aug 30, FAA Safety Briefing Live – Sep 16, Wildlife Strike Mitigation Strategies General Information 8/27/2021 NOTC2021
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – Fort Bragg, NC Selected ATC Notices 8/26/2021 NOTC2020
USHST Simulation Video: Learn from Your Mistakes Helicopter Operations 8/25/2021 NOTC2018
Merrill Field Tower, AK reduction of Seasonal hours Local Air Safety Information 8/25/2021 NOTC2019
Proposed Air Tour Management Plans at Mount Rainier National Park; Death Valley National Park General Information 8/25/2021 NOTC2016
SAIB AIR-21-13: Engine Emergency Shutdown System Helicopter Operations 8/23/2021 NOTC2010
USHST Monthly Safety Report - August 2021 Helicopter Operations 8/11/2021 NOTC1993
Victorville (VCV) Airport Reconfiguration Airports - General & Safety Information 8/10/2021 NOTC1992
Requirement for Pre-Departure COVID-19 Negative Test Result InFO - Information for Operators 8/10/2021 NOTC1990
Requirement for Pre-Departure COVID-19 Negative Test Result FAR Part 91/135 Turbojet Operators 8/10/2021 NOTC1989
Update to “Cold Temperature Restricted Airports” program InFO - Information for Operators 8/9/2021 NOTC1988
Global COVID-19 Testing Requirement for ALL Air Passengers entering the US General Information 8/9/2021 NOTC1986
FAAST Blast - Oxnard Airport (OXR) Runway Reconstruction General Information 7/30/2021 NOTC1974
Kansas City FSDO Information Letter 4th Quarter General Information 7/29/2021 NOTC1970
McNeil River, Alaska overflights Local Air Safety Information 7/27/2021 NOTC1966
Nominations can now be submitted for the 2022 General Aviation Awards program General Information 7/21/2021 NOTC1958
Pilots Planning a Flight Into Las Vegas Area General Information 7/19/2021 NOTC1848
Alaska FIS-B Enhancements General Information 7/1/2021 NOTC1924
56 Seconds to Live! Helicopter Operations 7/1/2021 NOTC1923
GA NEEDS TO DO BETTER HERE! General Information 6/29/2021 NOTC1917
KFNT Runway 18-36 Construction Project Runway Safety Information 6/25/2021 NOTC1914
Recommended Practice: Simulation Training for Aviation Decision Making Helicopter Operations 6/24/2021 NOTC1905
USHST Helicopter Safety Team-Monthly Report (May 2021) Helicopter Operations 6/23/2021 NOTC1832
Headed to Dane County Regional Airport-Truax Field (MSN)? General Information 6/23/2021 NOTC1900
USHST Helicopter Safety Team-Monthly Report (June 2021) Helicopter Operations 6/17/2021 NOTC1894
Grumman AA-5 and AA-1 Horizontal Stabilizer Issue *FOLLOW-UP* Airworthiness 6/15/2021 NOTC1874
Kapalua Unicom - reduced hours until further notice General Information 5/7/2021 NOTC1836
Why Participate in WINGS General Information 5/6/2021 NOTC1826
Dave Strassburg selected as the 2021 Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year for the Eastern US! General Information 5/5/2021 NOTC1833
Recent Fatal Helicopter Accidents Helicopter Operations 5/4/2021 NOTC1829
Airworthiness AD 2021-09-09 for Certain Uninsured United Parachute Technologies, LLC Parachutes Airworthiness 4/30/2021 NOTC1816
Beaufort Executive Airport Operations - Runway 25 General Information 4/28/2021 NOTC1801