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FAASTeam Notice
Type: Helicopter Operations
Notice Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2023
Notice Number: NOTC2932
Us Helicopter Safety Team Monthly Safety Report for April 2023
This notice expired on
Wednesday, December 6, 2023

US Helicopter Safety Team (USHST)

Monthly Safety Report

April 2023


Fatal Accident Rate:  0.76 (+.21) above goal of 0.55 fatal accidents per 100K hrs by 2025

USHST VisionA Civil Helicopter Community with Zero Fatal Accidents


“Safety by the Numbers” (Monthly Metrics):

Days since last Fatal helicopter accident:  2 Days : 20 Hours : 28 Minutes : 56 Seconds

Fatal Accident Rate (5yr avg)(CY2019-23) 0.76 Fatal Accidents per 100K Flight Hours

Fatal Accident Rate (CY2023) 4 Fatal Accidents per 100K Flight Hours


Average number of days

between fatal accidents:

Longest time between

fatal accidents (past 5 yrs):                

2019: 16 days

107 days (2020)

2020: 18 days


2021: 17 days


2022: 21 days


2023: 20 days




Loss of Control - Inflight (LOC-I), Unintended Flight into IMC (UIMC), Low Altitude Operations (LALT). 

USHST continues to work on the implementation of Helicopter - Safety Enhancements (H-SEs) developed through data-driven analysis of 104 fatal accidents.  The H-SEs use Outreach, Policy, Technology/Equipment, and Training to reduce fatal accidents in these categories.


       HOT! The 16 Legacy H-SEs are now complete

USHST and Lead Organizations will tackle the following New H-SEs:

1. Promote conservative go/no-go decision making (includes performance planning).

2. Educate hazards of low altitude operations (includes consideration of wire strike protection devices, hazard detection capability, and emerging technology).

3. Improve risk management of night operations (includes factors unique to “dark” night operations).

4. Improve fatigue awareness and risk mitigation of scheduling factors leading to fatigue.

5. Training on effects of adverse wind situations, particularly performance issues at low airspeed. 

*Standby for opportunities to lend your expertise!


US Helicopter Safety Team Press Release (Mar ‘23): USHST names Chris Baur as next industry Co-Chair


Helicopter Safety OUTREACH events:

· Next USHST All Hands Webinar – TBD                  Previous All Hands February 23, 2023

· ROTOR Helicopter Association International - Upcoming Events

· Helicopter Safety Alliance - Upcoming Events



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For any questions regarding the information within this notice please contact Clarke Pleasants, Program Chair-Rotor, ERAU, at 928-7774730 or email at