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FAASTeam Notice
Type: Airports - General & Safety Information
Notice Date: Thursday, October 6, 2022
Notice Number: NOTC2596
KLAS Multiphase Construction Project
This notice expired on
Tuesday, December 20, 2022

FAAST Blast – Las Vegas NV Runway Incursion Mitigation Study--R.I.M. 3038

This Notice describes the Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport (KLAS) airport construction, which is a multiple-phase project. This project's scope involves marking and lighting changes from Taxiways to RWY 8L/26R. Taxiways F, E, D, W, and Y will be updated from incandescent lighting to LED taxiway lights. This project will also include pavement rehabilitation for Taxiway high-speed Y. The project will be divided into 5 phases, during which multiple paved areas will be closed for specific periods. The approximate timeframe for Phase 1 completion is end-December. This Notice is for Phase 1 starting on 10/10/22:

This Phase 1, will shorten RWY 26R length at the departure end and close the APPROACH END portion of RWY 8L. Aircraft can depart RWY26R with TODA 14,123ft; barricades, men, and equipment will be at the departure end, which will be in the closed portion of the runway. Taxiway F will be closed from the APPROACH END of Runway 08L to Taxiway W. Taxiway H will be closed from the APCH END RWY 8L to the Signature Flight Support (FBO) south entrance. Runway 26R ILS will be scheduled out of service; Runway Distance Remaining (RDR) signs for Rwy 26R will be covered and a NOTAM issued. Taxi instructions will be detailed and likely contain specific hold short instructions to mitigate conflicts and lessen delays.

Pilots are reminded to write down complex taxi instructions and provide a complete read-back to ATC. If unfamiliar, pilots may request "Progressive Taxi Instructions."

Pilots are reminded that they should write down complex taxi instructions and provide a complete readback to ATC.  If unfamiliar, pilots may request “Progressive Taxi Instructions.”  Also, please have a printed "Temporary Airport Diagram" available while taxiing and on approach to avoid a wrong-surface landing.


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