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FAASTeam Notice
Type: General Information
Notice Date: Friday, December 11, 2020
Notice Number: NOTC1606
Wing Lift Struts, Sealed / Unsealed makes all the difference (FAA ACS; Piper,FS200X)
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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

AD 93-10-06 was issued to address an unsafe condition caused by corrosion in wing lift struts. AD 93-10-16 was superseded by AD 99-01-05, and AD 99-01-05 was revised in 2014 to correct the list of affected aircraft. AD 99-01-05 R1 was superseded by AD 2015-08-04 which added airplane models to the effectivity.   AD 99-26-19 also relates to this subject.  The subject ADs require a repetitive inspection of the wing lift struts either by ultrasonic methods contained within the AD or by the use of a Maule fabric tester as outlined in Piper Service Bulletins 528D or 910A, as applicable.  The AD also provides options for terminating the repetitive inspections by installing certain sealed wing struts as specified in the AD.  The FAA is concerned that the Maule fabric test method of evaluating remaining material thickness is unreliable.  The FAA is seeking more information regarding the number of remaining unsealed wing lift struts in current use.

Select the title to view a copy of the:
Lift Strut Airworthiness Concern Sheet,
AD 2015-08-04
Piper SB 528D
Piper SB 910A

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