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James E. Pyles, National FAASTeam Outreach Program Manager
Posted On:
April 11, 2007
The All New WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program
. . . it’s no longer an “Award” program but a true proficiency program designed to help improve our skills and knowledge as pilots.

The All New "WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program"
by: James E. Pyles, National FAASTeam Outreach Manager

Regular proficiency training is essential to the safety of all pilots and their passengers. Each pilot must take a personal interest in their safety and that of their passengers. The WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program is designed to help each pilot construct an educational curriculum suitable for their unique flight requirements. It encourages pilots to continue their aviation educational pursuits and requires education, review, and flight proficiency in the Areas of Operation found in current Practical Test Standards (PTS) that correspond with the leading accident causal factors in the United States. Further, the program encourages participation of FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) Industry Members to establish regular recurrent training programs within their organizations and areas of influence to help all pilots reach their highest potential and maintain a high level of safety and proficiency.

While the program is still in its final stages of development and final details are not yet releasable here are a few informational items about the new WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program:

  •  Three Phases; Basic, Advanced, Master
  •  Those maintaining the proficiency requirements for the Basic phase need not accomplish the flight review requirements of 14 CFR part 61
  •  Flight Review date “moves” with you as long as you continue to maintain at least a Basic phase / level
  •  Progress tracked on FAASafety.gov
  •  Curriculum and Syllabi are designed from Practical Test Standards
  •  Credits not based on time but on showing proficiency to applicable practical test standards
  •  Designed to promote development of year-round training and contact with authorized instructors
  •  Curriculum and syllabi for all pilots holding a U.S. pilot certificate
  •  Industry encouraged to provide incentives awarding pilots for their participation in the program
  •  Special emphasis on incident and accident causal factor areas of operation
  •  Flexibility in requirements and subject areas allow for maximum effectiveness of program for each pilot no matter what kind of flight activities they conduct
  •  Requirements include both knowledge and flight
  •  Certificate, wallet card, and transcripts are downloadable and printable right from FAASafety.gov
  •  For a very limited time pilots may earn credit for both the new program and sun-setting award program
  •  Target nationwide launch date is June

As you can see it’s no longer an “Award” program but a true proficiency program designed to help improve our skills and knowledge as pilots. Watch for more information to be released about the WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program on the FAASTeam’s FAASafety.gov internet site.

James E. Pyles
National FAASTeam Outreach Manager (NFOM)