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Susan Parson, Special Assistant, AFS-802
Posted On:
January 31, 2006
Tools For Giving Better Flight Reviews
Need ideas for conducting a more effective flight review?

Need ideas for conducting a more effective flight review?  Check out the FAA Safety Team’s online Aviation Learning Center for two new instructional tools you can use for free.

First, the FAA has developed new flight review guidance, which is now available in the Online Resources for Pilots section of the Aviation Learning Center at www.faasafety.gov.  This guide provides ideas for structuring the flight review, along with tools you can use to help general aviation pilots develop a personalized “aeronautical health maintenance and improvement” program with realistic personal minimums. 

Second, the Online Courses section of the Aviation Learning Center (http://faasafety.gov/gslac/ALC/default.aspx) now includes a flight review preparation course to guide GA pilots through a practical, real-world oriented review of the regulations and advisory material.  Completing this review with a passing score will partially satisfy the flight review requirement (14 CFR 61.56 (a) (1)) for a review of Part 91 operating rules.  If you ask your clients to complete the course in advance and bring the completion certificate to your session, you and your client can use more of the ground time for discussion of decision-making, personal minimums, and flying goals.

Check it out, and then check back often for new courses, documents and links!

Susan Parson
Special Assistant, AFS-802