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(25 publications)
Documents on operating your equipment safely and efficently.
(30 publications)
Documents and training materials for Aviation Maintenance Technicians
(96 publications)
Documents of special interest to pilots.
(13 publications)
Documents and training materials that relate to the operation of aircraft and vehicles in and around the airport.
(25 publications)
Documents and training materials related to the U.S. airspace system.
(24 publications)
Documents on airworthiness
(5 publications)
Safety outreach and guidance for flying in Alaska
Current guidance and application for the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic award.
(9 publications)
Airworthiness Standards for older aircraft
Information and training to help FAASTeam Representatives and content providers accomplish their work and assignments efficient and affectively.
(6 publications)
Information and Best Instructional Practices for CFIs
(1 publication)
FAA Aeromedical Training Programs for Civil Aviation Pilots
Risk Management Calculator
FLYING LESSONS uses the past week’s mishap reports as the jumping-off point to consider what might have contributed to accidents, so you can make better decisions if you face similar circumstances.
The Aviation Maintenance Alerts provides the aviation community with an economical means to exchange service experiences and to assist the FAA in improving aeronautical product durability, reliability, and safety.
Documents with information on official guidance, standards, and regulations
(1 publication)
Documents related to rotorcraft operations and maintenance.
(25 publications)
Documents related to human factors (non technical) aspects of flying
(2 publications)
IA Course Provider Compliance Documents
(6 publications)
IA Training Provider Syllabi
(2 publications)
FAASTeam Large Event Schedules
(3 publications)
This is a place for FPMs to place safety documents for local issues.
(12 publications)
FSDO Maintenance Newsletters
(11 publications)
Monthly Maintenance Safety Tips created by the FAA SAfety Team
(35 publications)
Safety-related reference materials
(10 publications)
Runway Safety Training Material
(35 publications)
Aviation Safety Program "P-Pamphlets" on a range of topics
(26 publications)
Safety-related resources, including kneeboard-sized pamphlets on various topics
(1 publication)
Temp Course for testing.
(30 publications)
Training and Testing Scenarios for Students and Instructors
Document library for UAS Systems
(16 publications)
Multimedia content releated to aviation safety.
(16 publications)
Documents and training materials related to aviation weather
(8 publications)
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(8 publications)
FAASTeam Documents related to the WINGS Program.
FAASTeam FITS developed gradesheet for the flight instructor and pilot in training to used for learning centered grading outcomes
WINGS Flight Activity Lesson Plans
These worksheets are designed to assist the flight instructor and the airman in preparing for WINGS flight activities by focusing on the processes and procedures, specific goals and learning objectives of the Flight Activity.
(5 publications)
WTOQ Brochures designed to assist users in completing a phase of WINGS. Each Brochure outlines a series of knowledge and flight activities aimed at earning a phase of WINGS.
The current guidance and application for the Wright Brothers Master Pilot award.