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Aviation Learning Center Document Student Pilot Guide - FAA-H-8083-27
Author: FAA Date: 1999
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Suggested Study Materials
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-14 CFR parts 1, 61, and 91

Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) (http://www.faa.gov/ATpubs/AIM/)

-AC 00-6, Aviation Weather for Pilots and Flight Operations Personnel (http://www.airweb.faa.gov/Regulatory_and. . .7471617786256A020078083A?OpenDocument)

-AC 00-45E, Aviation Weather Services (http://www.airweb.faa.gov/Regulatory_and. . .E021AB3986256BB2005C1458?OpenDocument)

-FAA-H-8083-21 - Rotorcraft Flying Handbook (http://www.faa.gov/library/manuals/aircraft/media/faa-h-8083-21.pdf)

-FAA-H-8083-3A, Airplane Flying Handbook (http://www.faa.gov/library/manuals/aircraft/airplane_handbook/)

FAA-H-8083-25 - Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (http://www.faa.gov/pilots/training/handbook/)

-FAA-G-8082-17, Recreational Pilot and Private Pilot Knowledge Test Guide (http://www.faa.gov/education_research/te. . ./test_guides/media/faa-g-8082-17a.pdf)

-FAA-H-8083-1, Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook (http://www.faa.gov/library/manuals/aircraft/media/FAA-S-8083-1.pdf)

-FAA-S-8081-14, Private Pilot Practical Test Standards (http://www.faa.gov/education_research/te. . .ndards/pilot/media/FAA-S-8081-14A.pdf)

-FAA-S-8081-3, Recreational Pilot Practical Test Standards (http://www.faa.gov/education_research/te. . .tandards/pilot/media/FAA-S-8081-3.pdf)

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