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Aviation Learning Center Document Student Pilot Guide - FAA-H-8083-27
Author: FAA Date: 1999
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Practical Test Standards
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The flight proficiency maneuvers listed in 14 CFR part 61 are the standard skill requirements for certification. They are outlined in the practical test standards (PTS) as "AREAS OF OPERATION." These AREAS OF OPERATION are phases of the practical test arranged in a logical sequence within the standard. They begin with "Preflight Preparation" and end with "Postflight Procedures." Roman numerals preceding each AREA OF OPERATION relate to the corresponding AREAS OF OPERATION contained in the regulation.

Each AREA OF OPERATION contains "TASKS" which are comprised of knowledge areas, flight procedures, and/or flight maneuvers appropriate to the AREA OF OPERATION. For most pilot certificates, you will be required to demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in all TASKS.

You should obtain a copy of the practical test standard appropriate to the pilot certificate that you plan to acquire. This will enable you to know exactly what is expected on the practical test. Practical test standards can be obtained from the Pilot Testing (http://www.faa.gov/education_research/testing/airmen/test_standards/pilot/) section of the FAA website.

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