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Aviation Learning Center Document Student Pilot Guide - FAA-H-8083-27
Author: FAA Date: 1999
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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) invites you to join the ranks of general aviation pilots. General aviation includes all civil aviation activities except those associated with airlines. This publication is intended to serve as a guide for prospective student pilots and for those already engaged in flight training. This guide presents in a "how to go about it" fashion, general procedures for obtaining FAA Student, Recreational, and Private Pilot Certificates.

There are many references to FAA Flight Standards District Offices (FSDOs), and through the FSDOs, contact is maintained between the FAA and the general aviation public. The FAA inspectors at your local FSDO are professionally trained, and are prepared to advise and assist you toward reaching your goal as a pilot.

FAA-H-8083-27 supersedes AC 61-12M, Student Pilot Guide, dated 7/27/94. For an explanation of why this guide was taken out of the AC system, refer to AC 60-29, Renumbering of Airman Training and Testing Publications.

Comments regarding this publication should be directed to the Federal Aviation Administration, Airman Testing Standards Branch, AFS-630, P.O. Box 25082, Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0082.

We urge you to visit your local FSDO, and feel free to ask for advice on any matters relating to general aviation. Welcome to aviation!


L. Nicholas Lacey

Director, Flight Standards Service

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