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Aviation Learning Center Document Winter Flying Tips - P-8740-24
Author: FAA Date: 1996
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The following are items to consider before leaving the aircraft after the flight:

  • As soon as possible fill the tanks with the proper grade of c-lean aviation fuel, even if the aircraft is going into a heated hangar.
  • If the aircraft is to be left outside, put on engine covers and pitot covers.
  • If the weather forecast is for snow or clear and colder, put on rotor, or wing covers and save yourself from a snow or frost removal job in the morning.
  • Control locks or tied controls are suggested if the aircraft is left outside, and there is a chance of high wind conditions. Tiedowns are also suggested in high winds.
  • If the aircraft is equipped with an oil dilution system, consider the advisability of dilution of the engine oil. If it is decided to dilute, manufacturer's recommendations should be carefully followed commensurate with the temperature expected.
  • During engine shutdown, a good practice is to turn off the fuel and run the carburetor dry. This diminishes the hazard of a fire during preheat the next morning.

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