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Category: General Aviation Maintenance Alerts
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Description: Airplanes, Beechcraft A36, Broken Aileron / Rudder Spring, ATA 2720. Pilot noticed Aileron was pulling to the right.
Description: Airplanes, Beechcraft A36, Failed Landing Light Switch. The landing light circuit breaker switch failed.
Description: Airplanes, Beechcraft B200, Cracked Spar Attach Fittings. 11/2011 The L/H Lower wing spar attach shear fitting was cracked.
Description: Airplanes, Beechcraft B200, Bad Rivet Installation in Stabilizer Spar. The horizontal stabilizer forward spar and ribs were not riveted correctly.
Description: Airplanes, Beechcraft C90GTX, Failed Nose Wheel Steering. The Nose Wheel Steering was inoperative, maintenance found a lack of grease on the steering brace. Created November, 2012
Description: Airplanes, Beechcraft E90, Cracked Wing Spar Caps. Forward outboard lower wing spar caps are cracked.
Description: Airplanes, Beechjet 400A, Fuselage Bulkhead Cracks, ATA 5310. Fuselage bleed airline attach brackets pulled from the aft fuselage bulkhead.
Description: Airplanes, BeechJet 400A, Pitch-Trim Electrical Failure. The Pitch-Trim was not working because of a wire bundle that was chafed.
Description: Rotors: Bell 206B, Cracked Tail Rotor Gearbox Support. The tail rotor gearbox support bulkhead cracked at the right-rear mounting hole to the second rivet inboard on the gear...
Description: Rotors, Bell 206B, Failed Transmission Oil Sight Indicator. The oil level indicated full after the main rotor transmission oil was drained. The coating with the level...
21 to 30 of 178 total