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Category: General Aviation Maintenance Alerts
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Description: Airplanes, BeechJet 400A, Pitch-Trim Electrical Failure. The Pitch-Trim was not working because of a wire bundle that was chafed.
Description: Rotors: Bell 206B, Cracked Tail Rotor Gearbox Support. The tail rotor gearbox support bulkhead cracked at the right-rear mounting hole to the second rivet inboard on the gear...
Description: Rotors, Bell 206B, Failed Transmission Oil Sight Indicator. The oil level indicated full after the main rotor transmission oil was drained. The coating with the level...
Description: Rotor, Bell 206L-1, The governor allows the engine (Allison 250C28) to over-speed," says a mechanic. It failed the shop test.
Description: Rotors, Bell 430, Cracked Tail Rotor Blade. This aircraft was flown to our facility and the operator reported ' of the tail rotor blade leading edge—at the tip of...
Description: Airplanes, Boeing 700 Series, Over-heating Static Inverter. This is a safety article provided by Aviation Safety Inspector, Mona Tindall. It is regarding the many Boeing...
Description: Airplanes, Boeing 747-409, Arcing Lamp Holders, ATA 3320. First class galley number one work light is inoperative.
Description: Airplane. An amber Electrical Fail showed on the CAS message, further inspection indicated a power cable for Number 2 TRU had come free.
Description: Airplanes, Bombardier CL600-2B16, Water Heater Failure. The article is a safety advisement from Transport Canada's Service Difficulty Alerts. It was duplicated from their web...
Description: Airplanes: Corroded Wing Span. Corrosion was found under the forward and aft wing spars under the fuel tank spacer blocks.
21 to 30 of 138 total