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Category: General Aviation Maintenance Alerts
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Description: Airplanes. Beech 58, Fuel Cell Sealant Deterioration. The cells are sealed wing bays—or 'wet wing' fuel cells located in each wing tip. These wing tip fuel cells were found...
Description: Airplanes, Beech 95B-55, Corroded Fuel Pressure Line. A concern about chafing or corrosion motivated the submitter to check out right fuel-flow pressure gauge line where it...
Description: Airplanes, Beech A60, DeIce Boot Separation. A propeller required installing new deice boots on all three blades. One boot came off during engine operation resulting in a dent...
Description: Airplanes, Beech, burned Engine Indicator Electrical Wires. A check inspection of the wiring in the aft baggage compartment shoed some burned wires.
Description: Airplanes, Beechcraft 200, Cracked Spar Shear Fitting. The left and right lower wing spar attach shearing fitting was cracked.
Description: Airplanes, Beechcraft A36, Failed Strobe Light Switch. During routine inspections, it was found that the strobe lights would remain on after the switch was selected 'off'.
Description: Airplanes, Beechcraft A36, Broken Aileron / Rudder Spring, ATA 2720. Pilot noticed Aileron was pulling to the right.
Description: Airplanes, Beechcraft A36, Failed Landing Light Switch. The landing light circuit breaker switch failed.
Description: Airplanes, Beechcraft B200, Cracked Spar Attach Fittings. 11/2011 The L/H Lower wing spar attach shear fitting was cracked.
Description: Airplanes, Beechcraft B200, Bad Rivet Installation in Stabilizer Spar. The horizontal stabilizer forward spar and ribs were not riveted correctly.
21 to 30 of 176 total