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Category: Guidance, Standards, & Regulations
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Description: This article clarifies the nomenclature and requirements to fly RNAV and GPS approach procedures.
Description: This document describes ground deicing practices for turbine aircraft in nonscheduled 14 CFR Part 135 operations and in Part 91.
Description: This document offers optional guidance for conducting an instrument proficiency check, with special emphasis on topics for ground review.
Description: New York Class B Airspace Hudson River and East River Exclusion Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA)
Description: This guide provides ideas and suggested mentoring practices to help bridge the gap between aviation training and experience.
Description: This document lists recommended practices for depicting and coordinating procedures to be used in VFR practice areas to reduce the risk of midair collisions.
Description: The US NOTAM Governance and Operations group presents a NOTAMs course outlining the overall NOTAM system, how and who they are utilized by, and why they are important
Description: This worksheet is designed to help you develop personal minimums specific to your individual training, experience, and currency.
Description: This document explains pilot certificates, ratings, and endorsements.
Description: This document describes basic radio procedures for new pilots and offers communication best practices for all pilots.
11 to 20 of 29 total