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FAASTeam Notice
Type: Helicopter Operations
Notice Date: Friday, November 16, 2018
Notice Number: NOTC8205
United -States Helicopter Safety Team-Monthly Report (Oct 2018)
This notice expired on

Monthly Report

As of:  13 November 2018

The USHST, a regional partner to the International Helicopter Safety Team, established a goal of reducing the fatal U.S. helicopter accident rate by 20% by 2020. (0.61 fatal accidents per 100,000 flight hours)


Since 01 January 2018, the Utility Patrol and Construction (UPAC) industry has experienced 6 fatal accidents and 9 fatalities.  Over a ten year period (2009 – 2018) the UPAC industry experienced a fatal accident rate of 3.39 per 100K flight Hours and accounted for 2% of the flight hours in the U.S.

To view the USHST Monthly Report, click the link below:

For any questions regarding this notice please contact Scott Tyrrell of the Rotorcraft Standardization Branch, AIR-612, at 817-222-5121 or email at