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FAASTeam Notice
Type: General Information
Notice Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Notice Number: NOTC7842
Conducting Charity Flights Under 14 CFR 91.146
This notice expired on
Monday, December 31, 2018

Flying for the benefit of a charitable, nonprofit or community event is very rewarding.  It is a great way to give back to our local communities while promoting General Aviation.

Charity fundraising flights are not subject to the certification requirements of 14 CFR 119 and the alcohol and drug testing requirements of 14 CFR 120.  While not subject to these stricter certification standards, charity fundraising flights are required to meet minimum conditions and adhere to certain limitations.  These conditions and limitations are clearly spelled out in 14 CFR 91.146. 

Highlights of the requirements and limitations required by 14 CFR 91.146 are listed below.  This is a basic list and is not all inclusive of the requirements specified by the regulation.  Please review the complete regulation to ensure regulatory compliance.


  • PIC must hold at least a Private Pilot certificate.
  • Must hold a current and valid medical certificate.
  • Must meet the currency requirements specified in 14 CFR 61.56 and 61.57.
  • Any Private Pilot must have at least 500 hours of flight time logged.
  • Limited to no more than 4 events per calendar year.
  • Ensure that passengers are briefed in accordance with 14 CFR 136.7 (Passenger Briefings)
  • Helicopter pilots must review performance data in accordance with 14 CFR 136.13 (Helicopter Performance Plans and Operations).
  • Must ensure that occupants are wearing life preservers if required by 14 CFR 136.9(a) or ensure that life preservers are readily available as specified in 14 CFR 136.9(b).


  • Must have a maximum of 30 passenger seats and a maximum payload of 7500 lbs.
  • Must have a Standard Airworthiness certificate.
  • Must be airworthy.
  • Must be in compliance with the requirements of 14 CFR 91, Subpart E (Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance and Alterations).
  • Some flights may require life preservers to be on board.  (14 CFR 136.9)
  • Helicopters may require floats for some flights. (14 CFR 136.11)


  • Flights must begin and end at the same airport and be conducted within a 25 statute mile radius of that airport.
  • Flights must be conducted from a public airport that is adequate for the aircraft to be used.
  • No formation or aerobatic flights.
  • Flights must be conducted in Day, VFR conditions.
  • Each flight must be conducted in accordance with the safety provisions of 14 CFR 136, Subpart A


  • Charitable or non-profit passengers carrying flights or series of flights are limited to a total of 4 events per year, with no event lasting longer than 3 days.
  • Community event passenger carrying flights or series of flights are limited to one event per year, with no event lasting more than 3 days.


  • Notification must be made at least 7 days prior to event to FSDO with jurisdiction over geographical area where event is scheduled.
  • Must be a signed letter detailing:
    • Name of sponsor.
    • Purpose of event.
    • Date and time of event.
    • Location of event.
    • All prior events during held by sponsor during current calendar year.
  • Must provide a photocopy of each pilot’s:
    • Pilot certificate.
    • Medical certificate.
    • Logbook entries showing currency as required by 14 CFR 61.56 and 61.57.
    • If a Private Pilot, a logbook entry showing that pilot has at least 500 hours of flight time.
  • Provide a signed statement from each pilot listing all prior events in which the pilot has participated in during current calendar year.

The links below are to the pertinent regulations for charity flights as well as an AOPA – Air Safety Institute Safety Brief covering Charitable Flights.

As previously mentioned, please review 14 CFR 91.146 in its entirety to ensure regulatory compliance.  Contact your local FSDO with any questions regarding the conduct of charitable flights.

14 CFR 91.146

14 CFR 136 Subpart A

AOPA Charity Fundraising Flying Safety Brief


Notice Contact Person: 

Sam Heiter, FAASTeam Program Manager - Grand Rapids FSDO (GL09) / (574)220-1787