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FAASTeam Notice
Type: Local Air Safety Information
Notice Date: Monday, March 7, 2016
Notice Number: NOTC6437
Training Congestion Southeast of Houston
This notice expired on
Thursday, April 7, 2016

Correction: RWJ Airpark was incorrectly identified as T54 when in fact it is 54T.

The Houston Flight standards District Office (FSDO) is requesting that Pilots maintain extra vigilance when flying in the vicinity of Baytown Airport (KHPY) and RWJ Airpark (54T). Both of these non-towered airports are less than 4 statute miles from an area that has a high number of student pilots and instructional activities.  

  • Baytown Airport (KHPY) is a non-towered airport with public access that is located in an area that has concentrated flight training activity. The CTAF for KHPY is 122.8 MHz.
  • RWJ Airpark (54T) is a non-towered residential air park with public access that is located in the same area of concentrated flight training activity. The CTAF for T54 is 122.7 MHz.

There are two FAA approved pilot schools that utilize this area for flight training in their approved training programs. Both pilot schools utilize this as a common training area. These training flights maintain communication on the air-to-air frequency 123.500MHz as outlined in the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM).

When flying near this practice area please maintain extra vigilance for traffic operating in the area. For added safety, monitoring the CTAF for the surrounding airports is highly recommended.