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FAASTeam Notice
Type: FAASTeam Representatives (only)
Notice Date: Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Notice Number: NOTC6392
Topic of the Month February
This notice expired on
Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The GAJSC and the NTSB have determined that a significant number of general aviation fatalities could be avoided if pilots were to conduct more thorough preflight inspections of airtcraft that have just been returned to service.

  • Discuss the consequences of inadequate preflight inspections of aircraft that are being returned to service after maintenance.
  • Discuss common problems that have led to accidents.
  • Encourage pilots to coordinate with mechanics before flying aircraft that have recently been maintained.
  • Encourage pilots pay particular attention to aircraft components that may have been affected by recent maintenance.

Topic of the Month for February is Advanced Preflight after Maintenance.