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FAASTeam Notice
Type: General Information
Notice Date: Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Notice Number: NOTC6368
FAAST Blast – New Flight Service Video, B4UFLY App Launch, How Do You Do Safety?, Best Glide Speed
This notice expired on
Saturday, February 13, 2016

FAAST Blast — Week of Jan 11, 2016 – Jan 17, 2016
Biweekly FAA Safety Briefing News Update

New Video Highlights Flight Service Developments
            Flight Service is moving forward and is encouraging the development of new pilot services and products. New content delivery methods will make communication with the pilot community easier and faster. The goal is to help make aviation safer by making weather information accessible where and when you need it. Targeted, flight-specific updates will make it easier for you to stay current on the weather, without the information clutter. For more information on these developments, watch the new video from Flight Service – “Choices Made EASY” at

New Student Pilot Application Requirements
            The FAA issued a new rule this week that requires student pilots to apply for, obtain, and carry a plastic pilot certificate to exercise the privileges of the pilot certificate. Additionally, it modifies the process by which student pilots apply for a certificate; they must now apply in person at a Flight Standards District Office, through a Designated Pilot Examiner, with an airman certification representative associated with a part 141 pilot school, or with a CFI. Student pilots who currently have a paper student pilot certificate may continue to use it, or can request a plastic replacement for $2. The plastic certificates will not expire, which will give the student unlimited time to complete training without having to apply for another student pilot certificate. For more information on the rule, which becomes effective April 1, 2016, go to

FAA Launches UAS Safety App

            Last week the FAA publicly released the B4UFLY mobile application for Apple products (iOS) following a beta test last year (download here) as well as a beta version of the app for Android devices (sign up here). B4UFLY allows UAS operators to check current and upcoming airspace restrictions in areas they wish to fly in. For more information, visit
            Also check out the Angle of Attack department from the latest FAA Safety Briefing magazine where associate editor James Williams identifies strategies to help us educate our new compatriots in the sky for everyone’s benefit. A drone safety checklist is also available here:

How do You do Safety?

               In order for FAA’s new Compliance Philosophy to work, we all need to be a part of it. This involves building a solid personal safety risk management plan and keeping the safety conversation going. Learn more about what your role is in the FAA’s Risk-Based Decision Making initiative in the latest edition of FAA Safety Briefing

#FlySafe Topic for January – Best Glide Speed
            It’s important for pilots to understand the safety benefits of flying at best glide speed while maneuvering to a forced landing runway or off airport area. Check out the fact sheet and the FAA news release for more resources on this important topic.   


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