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FAASTeam Notice
Type: FAASTeam Representatives (only)
Notice Date: Thursday, January 19, 2017
Notice Number: NOTC5083
CVG FAAST Rep Newsletter
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Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope the food comas and tryptophan overdoses are wearing off nicely.  I know that for myself it was a pretty daunting task to drag myself back to reality after a week in the Florida Keys, and my sunburn is itching like crazy.  I know, stinks to be me right?


So here's the latest info from the FAASTeam end of things and a breakdown of what we are looking to do for Fiscal 2014:


I'd like to get a face to face meeting of all the Cincy District FAASTeam folks here at the CVG FSDO sometime in February, with another one around June(ish).  Since just about all of us are localized in the Cincy and Dayton areas I hope this will be feasible.  If not, we have ways to do things through telecommunications and the miracles of digital technology.  


I have it on my business plan to have a presence at each of the RSAT meetings held in the district.  To my knowledge, there are no regional level meetings taking place here so we just have the local ones.  Our towered airports are CVG, LUK, DAY, SGH and ILN.  Wright-Pat doesn't count since it's a purely military airport, which means that little ol me won't have any influence.  I don't know when the various meetings are going to take place (and in the case of ILN and SGH I don't know IF they'll take place) but I've been at the CVG and DAY meetings before so I know I'm on the list.  


My business plan also has me participating in the local DPE meeting for the district as well as some aviation career outreach and interface with an EAA chapter.  I don't have any irons in those fires yet but they are in the works.  If you've got some inroads with the EAA or a venue/audience that would benefit from aviation career outreach, let me know and we will get something rolling.  


The CFI forums are still going strong with one per quarter on the books.  Since the first quarter is still in the process of getting on its feet after the rollover and the October craziness, I don't think there will be completions before the end of December.  But that just means I can hit it hard in January, which I've done before in years past with no difficulty.  As in the past, I'll be doing the forums for the most part, mainly because I like doing them and they get me out of the office.  


The business plan is also calling for a total of 6 safety meetings throughout the year that are risk/data based.  I have a pretty good library of presentations here in my FSDO cave, and I can "wing it" farily well too as the need arises.  If you've got a topic you'd like to see presented, Ops or Airworthiness, let me know and we'll make it happen.  We are also looking for the 12 GAJSC "topic of the month" presentations and a total of 4 Loss of Control presentations.  The TOTM stuff is a little behind as I've only got the October one on hand, still waiting for the rest of the materials as they are generated by National.  I'm going to be taking on as many of these as I can but will certainly be looking for assistance, ESPECIALLY with the airworthiness stuff since I'm not permitted to touch those for the most part.  


Speaking of airworthiness, the business plan is calling for four maintenance facility presentations, participation in IA refresher and DAR meetings, and 6 presentations on owner/operator maintenance safety (2 of those are specific to light sport and experimental/amateur-built).  I'm going to need help with these ones, so please let me know if you are able to lend a hand (or a wrench as the case may be).  


Remember we have those two online courses on that need to be completed by all reps.  I've gotten a couple of responses so far, and I'd like to have everyone in GL05 locked down by the end of December.  National is saying that all reps have to get these done annually, in fact I have to do them as well so I'll be right there with you.  


As always, if you have an idea or a suggestion, please feel free to share them with me.  I'm pretty easy to find here at CVG FSDO since I'm not doing the I-71 shuffle anymore.  Some specific things I'm looking for are interactions with EAA chapters and local aviation groups (pilots and mechanics).  I also would like some intel on venues that I can make use of.  The classroom at Aviation Sales MGY has been one of my staples but I'd like to mix it up so that we can tap new audiences.  On that note, if anyone knows a way to get me in the good graces of the Airmen's Club at Lunken, drop me a line please.   


I think I've dumped my brain of everything that's in there for now.  On a lighter note, how about that Iron Bowl and the heart-stopper with "that team up north" over the weekend eh?  


Jason Forshey, FAASTeam Program Manager, GA Ops, CVG FSDO

513 842 9602