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FAASTeam Notice
Type: General Information
Notice Date: Friday, March 29, 2024
Notice Number: NOTC3516
April-May 2024 Construction at OGG Airport
This posting will be removed on
Saturday, June 29, 2024

This is to advise that preliminary work has begun at Kahului (OGG) to resurface Runway 2-20. Full scale work is scheduled to begin 01 April, ending 18 June, contingent on weather and other factors. Work will be done at night, 23:00 through 06:30, seven nights a week and the expectation is that most daytime operations should be relatively normal. You’re likely aware of the incidents during the extended HNL Airport Runway 8L construction and this notice is intended to help you avoid causing similar surface incidents at OGG.

Closures and outages will vary throughout the various construction phases, so check NOTAMs frequently and be sure you receive the latest ATIS broadcast. Be on the lookout for:

  • Runway closures
  • Shortened runways
  • Taxiway and ramp closures
  • Different taxi routes than usually assigned
  • Back-taxi operations
  • Various equipment outages, e.g., PAPI, Glide Slope, etc.

You will receive clearances and instructions that differ from what you’re used to, so when you receive a clearance or instruction, visualize what you need to do. (BTW, that’s always a good habit, when you visualize clearances/ instructions you’re programming yourself to get it right.)

Expectation Bias is one of the biggest ‘gotchas’ in situations like this. Things will not be ‘Ops Normal’ during construction.  If you have any uncertainty about a clearance or instructions, request clarification immediately. If you’re taxiing, stop where you are and request clarification or progressive taxi instructions if needed. Your readback must be complete and clear to ensure positive communication with the controller. As always, readback your aircraft callsign,  read back all hold short instructions, check NOTAMs and obtain the current ATIS.

Bottom line: Especially in light of the recent HNL RWY 8L construction-closure experience, you need to bring your A-Game during the OGG construction.  And...please don't lose sight of the fact that even during construction, you are living the dream, fortunate indeed to be flying in Hawaii. Stay safe out there.

Closing Reminders:

  • Check NOTAMs frequently,
  • Use the current Airport Diagram,
  • Receive and understand the latest ATIS broadcast,
  • If you become uncertain of your clearance/instructions at any time -in the air or on the ground-ASK!

For any questions please contact:  Mr. Randall Koja, Airport Operations

email:     phone:  (808) 281-2846