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FAASTeam Notice
Type: Runway Safety Information
Notice Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Notice Number: NOTC2910
KABE Taxiway Alpha Closures
This notice expired on
Friday, June 9, 2023

The Lehigh Valley International Airport, Allentown, PA (ABE), is undergoing a construction project which will temporarily close taxiway ALPHA between taxiways BRAVO & A2 and includes taxiway A3.

This closure will occur April 3rd, 2023 thru June 9, 2023. 

The ALPHA closure will impact the use of runway 6-24. Some level of taxi and 'back-taxi' on Runway 6-24 is necessary, congestion will occur at taxiway ECHO/A2 (due to one way in/one way out of the terminal) and at times there will be considerable restrictions on Runway 6-24 local traffic pattern work and practice approaches. 

It is essential to recognize that taxiway A2 becomes the single exit/entry point for the terminal. It is essential that aircraft entering the terminal be permitted to exit runway 6-24 at taxiway ECHO and then continue unimpeded into the terminal ramp area. See attached graphic.

Maintain awareness of aircraft position and ATC instructions as they may differ from what the aircrew is expecting or has pre-planned. ATC transmissions may include advisories that are intended to assist aircrews with efficiently navigating around the closed area.  

Pilots should expect and plan for the use of Runway 13-31. Note that aircraft taxing thru the taxiway ALPHA BRAVO intersection should be aware of the limited maneuvering area available in which to hold short of both intersecting runways. 

For current updates check NOTAMS prior to departure and arrival.

Please see attached document for additional details and information

Questions, please contact or call 516-274-2501