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FAASTeam Notice
Type: Local Air Safety Information
Notice Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2023
Notice Number: NOTC2785
North Las Vegas, NV NOTWN5 Departure
This posting will be removed on
Monday, July 10, 2023

Federal Aviation Administration

North Las Vegas Tower
3700 Thunderbird Field Rd.
North Las Vegas, NV 89032

Issued: 08/03/2022 1914 (UTC)Effective: 08/03/2022 2200 (UTC)
North Las Vegas TowerLetter to Airmen: LTA-VGT-5


Cancellation: 08/03/2024 2159 (UTC)


The North Las Vegas Airport (VGT) NOTWN Standard Instrument Departure (SID) has been flown incorrectly on many occasions.

The SID requires departing IFR flights to make a RIGHT turn to intercept the LAS313° radial and track outbound until RUZCO. At RUZCO, the procedure then requires departing pilots to turn RIGHT, direct the LAS VOR continuing a climb to the ATC assigned altitude.

However, some pilots that depart Runway 25/30L/30R (heading 270°) or Runway 7/12L/12R (heading 250°) are turning heading 270°/250°, as expected, then incorrectly turning LEFT to intercept the LAS313° radial inbound (southeast bound) violating and nullifying the procedure and its design to protect aviators from obstacles, terrain, and Harry Reid departures. This is a dangerous and improper application of the departure procedure.

Pilots are reminded to thoroughly review their IFR clearance to ensure they will be able to fully comply with all requirements of the clearance before departing.  Additionally, pilots should be prepared to fly the entire SID as published.  Reliance on third party software that suggests shortcuts should be avoided.

Note- An annotated graphic of the procedure is attached. Always be sure you are using the most current publication for navigation and review all applicable NOTAMs.

POC:  North Las Vegas Tower Manager, James Stark (

(702) 648-6588