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FAASTeam Notice
Type: General Information
Notice Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Notice Number: NOTC0060
2020 Wichita Inspection Authorization Seminar Cancelation and information concerning use of the training
This notice expired on
Saturday, April 18, 2020

This hopefully will be the last email notice you will receive from me concerning the 2020 Wichita FSDO Inspection Authorization Seminar Cancelation.  Some how in my haste to get the status of the seminar out to you, one of the cancelation notices stated 2019 instead of 2020.  I want to address and clarify a  couple of the questions that I have received.

1) The 2020 Wichita FSDO Inspection Authorization Seminar has been canceled.

2)  The Wichita FSDO has no plans of conducting a Inspection Authorization Seminar seminar later this year.

3) I have been contacted by individuals who have been having trouble with the web site, specifically getting to the tests after completing the course work.  I contacted the individuals who manage the website and was provided guidance that hopefully will assist you in completing the 8 hours of training.

This is the guidance I was given.

There are two parts of the course. One part is an articulated power point, the other part is chapters/pages on the website. When you are finished with the articulated power point you need to close the window with the little X. Navigate to the next page using the small chapter buttons at the top of the page. Select the navigation buttons in sequence. Finally select the blue review button, and the exam button will become available. Select the exam button. Take the exam, and once you pass the exam you will get credit for the course. . If you have left the website go back to the website, log in, and finish the course. Reenter the course through the course catalog. Do not push the big play button. Navigate to the next page using the small chapter buttons at the top of the page.

I hope this helps those using the site.

Stephen H. Wright

Wichita FSDO FAASTeam Program Manager