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To assist in your understanding of the new WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program, and to help you get started, we have prepared a brief and informative tutorial (21 minutes). Please click here to view this on-line help tutorial.

Helpful Information
The following help files are part of the cooperative "team" efforts of industry and the FAA to provide a benefical proficency program for airmen. These are simple step-by-step instructions designed by pilots for pilots:
Registering on FAASafety.gov Made Easy
Designed to help the person new to FAASafety.gov get through the simple registration process.

WINGS Quick Start Guide
Designed to help the person new to WINGS get started quickly.

WINGS Made Easy
Step-by-step instructions on how to participate in the new WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program, written by pilots for pilots!

Validating WINGS Credit Made Easy
Here is the process of validating WINGS credit made simple. This is designed to help all authorized instructors through the validation process.
Let's start out by decoding a few of the abbreviations you will see on the WINGS site.

In many places on this site, abbreviations are used to reduce length or to fit a sentence or phrase in a certain space. For example, aircraft category and class are abbreviated in the following manner.

Airplane Multiengine Land
Powered Parachute Land
Airplane Multiengine Sea
Powered Parachute Sea
Airplane Single Engine Land
Rotorcraft Gyroplane
Airplane Single Engine Sea
Rotorcraft Helicopter
Weight Shift Control Land
Lighter-than-Air Airship
Weight Shift Control Sea
Lighter-than-Air Balloon

You will also notice a few icons being used throughout the WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program. Here they are with a brief explanation of what they mean.

Course Type:
Six credits are required each year for each of the three phases of WINGS that a pilot desires to achieve and maintain. Of those credits, some are required subject areas and others are elective.

Elective Credit Elective
Denotes a WINGS activity for which you may choose topics in which you would like to train from a variety of subject areas.
Core Credit Core
Denotes a WINGS activity for which topics and subject areas have been determined by the FAASTeam. These generally cover major accident causal factor topics.

Course Track:
Courses are also arranged in two different tracks, knowledge and flight.

Knowledge Credit Knowledge
Denotes courses that fall into the knowledge or non-flying category.
Flight Credit Flight
Denotes flight activities or courses.

WINGS Phases:
There are three phases or levels in the new WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program. They are Basic, Advanced, and Master. Courses are accredited for one or more phases as indicated by the following icons. Also note that the Basic courses are further assigned Basic, Basic 1, and Basic 2, which facilitates FAASTeam assignment of multiple required subject areas for the Basic Phase.

Basic Credit Basic
Denotes courses that fulfill a Basic Phase requirement.
Basic 1 Credit Basic 1
Denotes courses that fulfill a Basic 1 (FAASTeam selected subject area) Basic Phase requirement.
Basic 2 Credit Basic 2
Denotes courses that fulfill a Basic 2 (FAASTeam selected subject area) Basic Phase requirement.
Advanced Credit Advanced
Denotes courses that fulfill an Advanced Phase requirement.
Master Credit Master
Denotes courses that fulfill a Master Phase requirement.

Here is a simple grid to show the relationship between track and phase assigned to each course. Red squares are required subject areas and green squares are elective credits.

If you want to complete the Basic Phase of the WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program you need to complete six credits, which are represented on the first horizontal row of the grid.

my wings

This translates into a very informative screen called "My WINGS" that clearly shows each required phase and track in which you are participating and the credits you have received or still need to accomplish to finish a particular phase.

Example My WINGS Image

In the example above, you will notice that the airman has completed the Basic Phase knowledge elective and the Basic Phase flight basic 1 credits. The system is totally automated. All you need to do to see the courses that will qualify for any particular phase or track, is click on the Search for matching credits icon and you will be taken to a search page with the courses currently available.

Additional help is available by contacting your local FAASTeam Program Manager or Representative.