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The FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) has put together four initial maintenance training products that will assist the individual Aviation Maintenance Technician in recognizing risk hazards and situations in their personal life and work environment. The recognition of these risks and the subsequent mitigation or elimination of them will make the technician personally safer and allow them to accomplish their work in a safer, more productive manner.

These products include:

1. The Risk Management Powerpoint which will train the Aviation Maintenance Technician in ways to Transfer, Eliminate, Accept or Mitigate those risks.

2. The Dirty Dozen – Human Error in Aircraft Maintenance on-line course which will help Aviation Maintenance Technicians recognize human factors that commonly interfere with work. It introduces the concept of safety nets to mitigate some common causal factors thus improving safety in their work environment.

The goal of the FAASTeam is to help train you to become a safer technician with the end result being a safer aviation industry.