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ALC-42: Airspace, Special Use Airspace and TFRs
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Today's pilots face many airspace challenges. The lack of knowledge of the airspace or improper preflight planning may result in a pilot deviation and violation of a FAR.  It may even result in a serious incident or accident. 


The objective of this course is to help you understand:     

  • Classes of Controlled Airspace - communication and entrance requirements
  • Temporary flight restrictions (TFRs);
  • Other types of special use airspace to include Prohibited Areas, Restricted Areas, National Security Areas and Air Defense Identification Zones.
  • Other Sources of information.

Please note: There are separate courses found here on that cover the Washington D.C. Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) and New York City Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA).

One of the most important concepts to take from this course is the need to understand the type of airspace you will be flying in and to check notices to airmen (NOTAMS) before every flight – even a short flight in your local airport practice area.

To help prevent pilot deviations occurring from a lack of understanding of airspace issues this course was updated August 2010 to help pilots better understand airspace. It was formerly called "TFRs and Special Use Airspace".



The course assumes a basic understanding of aircraft operation, air navigation, and air traffic control procedures.  You can take the course at your own pace, exit at any time, and come back whenever it is convenient.   Course notes are available for download.  At the end of the course is a 20-question multiple choice exam that you will need to take in a single session to complete the course.





Chapter 1 - Classes of Airspace

Chapter 2 - Temporary Flight Restrictions

Chapter 3 - Types of Temporary Flight Restrictions

Chapter 4 - Prohibited Areas

Chapter 5 - Restricted Areas

Chapter 6 - Other Special Use Airspace

Chapter 7 - SFARs & Emergency Rules

Chapter 8 - Sources of Airspace InformationReview



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