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ALC-35: Normal Approach and Landing
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Improving your approach and landing skills in all kinds of conditions will make you a safer pilot.  Based on content in the FAA’s Airplane Flying Handbook, this course offers a basic refresher on some of the knowledge and skills needed to make consistently good landings in a normal situation (e.g., power available, light winds, long and firm runway).  It covers the five phases of a normal landing:  base leg, final approach, round out, touchdown, and after-landing roll.
While this course provides basic information, there is no substitute for training and practice with a well-qualified instructor.  In addition, you must always follow the procedures recommended in the specific Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM).


Chapter 1 - Base Leg

Chapter 2 - Final Approach

Chapter 3 - Roundout (Flare)

Chapter 4 - Touchdown

Chapter 5 - After Landing Roll



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