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ALC-270: Representative Training: Representative Manual
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FAASTeam Representatives can perform a valuable service for their fellow airmen. Whether the Representative conducts a safety seminar, counsels an airman, or is involved at their local airport, this course will provide a multitude of suggestions and tips about how to be a "great" FAASTeam Representative.

This course is a complete review of the FAASTeam Representative Manual, and thus is not a short course. We recommend you complete a chapter or two at one sitting, and then come back later to take one or two more chapters. You can follow this routine until the course is finished.

We invite you to keep a copy of the FAASTeam Representative Manual handy as a reference, and to refer to it if you have questions.

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View the file 10-16-18 R5 FAASTeam Representative Manual.pdf
Representive Manual Revision 5
10-16-18 R5 FAASTeam Representative Manual.pdf (1.62 MB)

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