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ALC-214: Avoiding Loss of Control
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Upon completion of this course the pilot will:

  • Have a better understanding of the aerodynamic stall and its relationship to load factors.
  • Realize the importance of preflight preparation including preflight planning, the preflight inspection, and the proper use of checklists.
  • Have a better understanding of how certain aspects of maneuvering flight increase risk factors for loss-of-control.
  • Have improved realization of some ways in which pilots encounter VFR into IMC situations, how to avoid these situations, and that instrument rated pilots are not immune from this problem.
  • Have increased awareness of how some weather phenomena can lead to loss of control even when operating in VFR conditions.
  • Have greater awareness of how flight-related and non-flight-related distractions can increase risk factors for loss-of-control.
  • Have renewed awareness of the importance of maintaining pilot proficiency.

The course consists of a series of fully-narrated slides that primarily advance automatically. There are several links to external sources as mentioned in the Course Overview above. Each slide containing one of these links will cause the program to pause so that the link may be followed. Clicking on a link will open that site in a new window. After the external material has been viewed, the window may be closed, and the program may be viewed by clicking the “Play” icon on the viewer. All of the external links are provided again on the last slide for further study or review.

At the completion of the course, an eight question exam must be completed to receive credit.

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  • Upon completion of the review section the Exam-sd.JPGbutton will turn blue Exam.JPGindicating you are ready to start the examination. Upon successful completion of the exam you are given the appropriate course credit automatically.