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ALC-42: Airspace, Special Use Airspace and TFRs
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Temporary Flight Restrictions

A temporary flight restriction (TFR) is a regulatory action that temporarily restricts certain aircraft from operating within a defined area in order to protect persons or property in the air or on the ground.  TFRs are issued in a  NOTAM. You must obtain the NOTAM that establishes a TFR and understand what is and isn't allowed. To obtain the most current information it is necessary to contact a FSS.

There are several types of TFRs defined in the regulations.  Since TFRs are, by definition, “temporary” in nature, it is extremely important to check the FDC NOTAMs before every flight you make.

TFRs are not depicted on any navigational charts. Size, shape, altitudes, and other details vary. resources are available to help you visualize and understand restrictions.

FDC NOTAMs that establish TFRs follow a very specific format. All begin with the phrase, “FLIGHT RESTRICTIONS” and include the following information:

  1. Location of the TFR area
  2. Effective period
  3. Defined area
  4. Altitudes affected
  5. FAA coordination facility and telephone number
  6. Reason for the TFR
  7. Agency directing relief activities (if applicable) and telephone number
  8. Any other information considered appropriate.

The FAA's TFR website ( provides multiple options for finding a specific TFR. In addition to reviewing the text, this website offers the option of a graphical depiction of the affected area. 

 An example of a TFR NOTAM text only is as follows:

 TFR Notam Example.JPG

FAA's TFR website example of the same TFR NOTAM above:

TFR Notam web Example.JPG