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ALC-28: The Art of Aeronautical Decision-Making
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tripacer-preflight3.jpgLife is full of decisions.  Some (e.g., deciding what to wear to work) are so routine that we are hardly aware of making them.  Others (e.g., changing jobs) take more effort because they have significant and lasting implications.   

Flying is also full of decisions.  Many appear to be routine, but even “small” decisions made in the cockpit can have a large impact on flight safety.  Good aeronautical decision-making (ADM) is therefore an essential pilot skill.   

This course offers a practical framework to help you develop this vital pilot skill and use it to stay safe in all of your flying activities.  After completing the course, you will have a chance to practice with the flight scenarios that appear in Chapter 7.

This is an advanced course with complex scenarios. Many pilots, especially new or low time pilots, should also consider taking course ALC-62, Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) for VFR Pilots in order to learn the fundamentals of ADM. 

At the end of the course is a short exam drawn primarily from these scenarios.  The point of the exam is to give you a chance to practice making decisions about flight scenarios.  Just as in the real world, there may not always be a single “right” answer to exam questions.  If your answer differs, you may want to discuss some of the questions and answers with a flight instructor or another pilot.  The most important thing is to understand how, and why, you reached the answer you provided. 


Chapter 1   What is aeronautical Decision-Making?

Chapter 2   The 3-P Model for ADM

Chapter 3   Perceive

Chapter 4   Process

Chapter 5   Perform

Chapter 6   ADM and Human Limitations

Chapter 7   Flight Scenarios




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