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ALC-269: The Impact of Tire Maintenance on Aircraft Safety
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Michelin Aircraft Tire
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Michelin® Certified Aircraft Tire Expert Program (ALC-269)


Aircraft Safety is a top priority, but there is one component that is often overlooked with varying consequences as a result: aircraft tires.  Aircraft tires operate at the most extreme conditions for load and speed.  They are extremely well engineered and tested, and when operated properly are relatively dependable and last an acceptable life.


This course focuses on the importance of tire maintenance on aircraft safety and is designed for anyone who comes in contact with or uses aircraft tires including but not limited to: pilots, maintenance technicians, flight line ground teams and flight school students. 


It reviews common causes for tire related events, consequences of tire under and over-inflation, recommended inflation schedule and compensating for ambient temperature effects. The course also highlights tire mounting tips and best practices for storage.


For more information regarding aircraft tire care and service, contact:




Jim Boyle



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